Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lower body workout.

This is my lower body workout for February. I plan to change up my workouts so that they are a little different each month. Apparently, according to those who seem to know such things, you are safe in anthropomorphizing your physiology such that you must change things up a little so your body won't get bored.

I've said before that I. Am. Lazy. Although I will do my best to finish anything I start, it's the starting that's hard. Resistance training is hard. So hard, in fact, that I've avoided it most of my life, even though I will nod affirmitively when you insist how good it is for me. I know how good it is for me. I'm just lazy; don't you get it? I lied when I said "No" to the question, "If there was a magic pill you could take to get in shape..."
I would. I would SO take that magic pill. By the fistsful.

Okay. So, all this is done in my office with the door closed.

During my 15-20 minutes morning break:

Alternate: Forward lunches, 15 reps each side, and Squats with bands, 15 reps. Repeat
  • rest, breathing heavily. Go over and turn on the fan. Stretch glutes and thighs.
Next, alternate: Backward lunges, 15 reps each side, and regular squats, 15 reps. See stars.
  • Try not to fall over on that last set. Take a drink of water. Do some more stretching.

At lunch, after walking, do the following, in my office, with the door closed.

Using resistance band hooked low around a chair, alternate 15 reps each leg, inner and then outer adductors, or abductors, or whatever they are. Repeat. Stretch adductors. Or whatever they are.

Using the same resistance bad hooked low around a chair, do 15 hamstring curls, each leg. Repeat. Stretch hamstrings.

Afternoon break: calf raises, with toes pointed inward (15 reps) forward (15 reps) and outward (15 reps). Rest, repeat.

  • Turn the fan on. Wonder if it's worth it. Stretch calves. Secretly and silently threaten my legs: you better get in shape, dammit, I'm suffering for you.

Things I've noticed so far

1. Lunges are way easier than they used to be. I almost never fall over any more.

2. I've lost another pound, so maybe there will be muscle showing soon.

3. My coworkers have gotten used to the presense of resistance bands and small dumbbells on my office floor. One coworker came in after hours, when I was working out and waiting for Baboo to get done, and although he was initially surprised, he got over it quickly. So, if you're shy about this, just hold your head up. Make them get used to you.

4. Thanks to Steve, I'm wasting a lot of time on GraphJam.

Tomorrow night, at our weekly meeting for The Challenge, there will be an "official" weigh-in and bodyfat measurement. We're only in the middle of the fourth week, so I'm not expecting anything dramatic. I'll post the results.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a bit of carb-loading for this weekend - eating a cup or two of mashed potatoes for this weekend, always after my workouts so that hopefully things get absorbed. I'm still staying within a pretty acceptable parameter and even with the carbs, my diet is staying under 2200 a day. That's quite a feat. If you don't believe me, check here. Go ahead. I dare you. Look and see what a 1/2 of mashed potatoes is.

Three days to the Rocky Racoon 50-miler. I'll be working on drop bags and my ever-important iPod mix tonight. Weather forecast for the area looks good for someone such as myself who will be moving very slowly.

Fri 72°F 56°F, partly cloudy

Sat 74°F 58°F, partly cloudy.

So that's it for today, I guess. I'll post my upper body workout tomorrow.



  1. "Lunches" is an excellent Freudian slip for "lunges"!

  2. Potatoes have always been given a gad rap...but they are actually good for you vitamin/fat wise.

    Maybe because we make them into french fries and chips?

    Yeah on the lunges...I have lunges...but my legs and butt love them.

    I need to mail you about Javalina Jundred...thanks for invite btw...!!! Would be fun to hang with you and cheer Baboo on. Or are you running also?

  3. You'll see the payback for the lunges this weekend. That's a good workout for break time in the office. I think that would be way harder than the lunch class I'm doing.

  4. So much less of you to run! Good luck at RR!

  5. mmmmm.... cheese and potatoes.

    What? lunges? bands? weights? Oh yeah - good for you. You may be lazy but you are very disciplined.

    I hope you have a great, pain free run.


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