Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Special Anti-Hoarding Edition

  1. My biopsy results were benign. Doc wants to keep an eye on it, but apparently, many people get lumps on their thyroids as they age, for no reason.

  2. I've spent my week off throwing things away. Our new house is much smaller, particularly the garage. My natural tendency which is to hang onto things, but I'm boxing, bagging, donating and tossing. Very proud of myself for this.

  3. Me throwing stuff out and clearing out the garage makes Sweet Baboo very happy. I think it makes him happier than anything else I could do.
    No, seriously: I know what you're thinking. ANYTHING.

  4. Since I've lost my office, I need a place to study and do my assignments. Before Monday, the #2 bedroom in the new house was full of boxes of things that needed to be organized into it. Monday, I cleaned it out and organized it and now I have a place to work.

  5. Food is a challenge. We shop at Costco. We have cases of stuff, but no pantry.

  6. As I lighten the house, I am also lighter. After lunch yesterday, I weighed myself. 168.8 lbs. The weight is finally coming off. Just in time for WINTER. No, no, no, no! Must think positively.
  7. So here's what I hear and see all day while home: THUD! *feathers wafting down outside the window* THUD! *more feathers* THUD! et cetera. The windchimes have stopped working. This morning, I found a lifeless body outside the window. Next step is a specially constructed screen to protect the birdies.

  8. Sweet Baboo and I came home not too long ago to find a headless dove on the sidewalk in front of the door, with no blood anywhere, and a desert tortoise right next to it, with a bit of down under his chin, looking at us. He was like, "whut?"
    This scene, I'm convinced, could be an analogy for something, but I haven't decided what.

  9. My black cat, who pees everywhere, insists on trying to sneak out every open door. I'm inclined to oblige, except that there are lots of coyotes around here. I want her out, but I don't want her eaten.

  10. The quail that live in our yard are very fat. They are so lucky I'm a vegetarian.

  11. This weekend, I'm doing the "F1 Triathlon" at Bottomless lakes in Southern NM. It's a draft-legal triathlon, with an 800 meter swim. You do a 400 meter swim, get out and run around a timing mat, and then repeat it. Then you bike 9 miles, then run 2.4 miles, then bike again, then run again. It will start as soon as it's hot. Traditionally, few women do it. I expect to be dead last. I'm okay with it.

  12. Dr Ken informed me Tuesday that he had decided, after all, that I would not do intakes. I'm still invited to see clients full time. The problem is, the intakes were a sure thing, and the clients have a 40%, on average, no-show rate, and several area mental health clinics have closed down, throwing counselors out of work. I lack the entrepeneurial spirit, and do not considerable variable paychecks any kind of 'fun' adventure.
    Well, I mean, what would you do?
    --if you were licensed to teach math, science, or be a school counselor...
    --if you knew that at any given time, within a 15 mile radius in most urban areas, some principal, somewhere, was desperately looking for staff because the head count had just come in and school starts THIS WEEK...

    well, what would you do?

  13. Yeah, me too. I've applied for both teaching and counseling positions this week. Fingers crossed.. . :-)


  1. First, glad the lump is just a lump. I had a "scare" too. It sucks that you have to go through that to find out it's "nothing". Kinda like when my Daughter was 3 months old... "she might have Neuroblastoma, or a harmless birth defect." Ugh!

    For my hoarding friend, not that I want to be an enabler, but we found these things called high lofts (might be hi-loft, I'm too lazy to Google it right now), but they suspend from your garage ceiling and you can still close the door. They're storage containers, and they saved our marriage!

  2. Good luck on Job hunt! I saw a coyote yesterday running down Tramway so could be your dove killer. Be careful with kitties! Congrats on the cleaning. I always feel new and shiny when I organize/clean big time..

  3. Good luck with the job hunt. I have two storage spaces that need decluttering....I've been avoiding it like the plague. Maybe when the weather cools down.....

    I am happy to hear your biopsy was clean!

  4. How about counseling people to get over their fear of math? A 2-fer! (just kidding)

    Good news on the bump.

  5. So glad to hear your good health news!

    Fingers crossed on the new job - I'm with you on the non-entrepeneur stuff (regular paychecks and insurance are so much more appealing to me) and maybe the next place will be better. (could happen! check out Iron Wil's new gig on )

    What about working at a Sylvan or something like that where you still sort of teach but it's more one on one and less time outside of work hours on work stuff? Hours and pay might not be great though, I've no idea.

  6. THANK GOODNESS about the lump being just a lump.
    Bummer about the job though :( It'll be different this time though, you won't feel so trapped

  7. Good news on the thyroid. I just saw a post on Dr. Davis's site about iodine supplements to improve function. Another thing we're deficient in (unless you eat lots of seafood and seaweed). He suggests that most doctors aren't even aware that their patients are getting goiters these days.

    Congrats on the weight loss. You're where I was a year and half ago before cutting carbs. I'm pleased to have almost reached 140 now. (It took about 8 months to get below 150, then stalled around 145 for a long while).

    Good luck with the job hunting. Teaching (or counseling) sounds great. The variable paycheck is not a fun adventure, I can tell you (but better than nothing).

    Good luck with your race. Sounds tough!



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