Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

  1. I was just telling DP, I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL, US AND THE WEATHER GODS: We overlook the obvious downfalls of long periods of no rain, and in exhange we get low relative humidity. Someone's not keeping up their end of the deal if it's really humid AND it's not raining. No fair.
  2. I have to go online and get assigned a provider number so that I can bill clients for therapy. I feel all professional an' sheeit.
  3. Running uphill is getting easier.
  4. I have to admit I do enjoy having a bit longer in the mornings for my workouts.
  5. I have a sprint triathlon this weekend. It should be interesting: It's bike, swim, run, and 7000 feet above sea level.
  6. I just got several huge boxes in the mail.
    Seaman Jon not only ordered a full picture packages of himself in uniform, but frames, too. While I appreciate the gesture, he needs to spend less money. One of them is a 16 x 20. I'm not sure where to put something that big.
  7. My house is like that commercial where the hotel is a black hole for cell phones. Even standing outside doesn't work. I don't understand it; I'm higher than most of the city so there should be a line of sight straight to the nearest tower. Can anyone tell me if they make booster antennas?
  8. Okay. This is a new paraphilia I hadn't heard of before. I give this link with no further comment. I looked this up out of curiosity while watching an episode of CSI.
  9. The best time to get one's neck biopsied is not summer. I've had four people ask me what happened; it's a red puncture mark surrounded by a bruise. I was tempted to say that Sweet Baboo gave me a really big hickie.
  10. Where the hell is my iPod Nano??
  11. There is likely to be some hard feelings at the counseling center when I'm given an office space. It's supposed to be given out on the basis of seniority, and one person there in particular has been under contract 2 weeks longer than I. However, before I was under contract, I did pro-bono work for 2 years, and before that, I was an intern there. I paid my dues, so she can just bite me. There. I said it.
  12. My classes start next week. I'll be taking classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.
  13. I have the oddest craving for cherry pie.


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    9. Blaming a vampire, also an option ...

  2. I've seen that episode of CSI - totally creepy.

    I have not done my Thursday 13 but for once. Such a failure.

  3. I had those exact pics taken 18 years ago in boot camp and they kind of "strong arm" you into buying the full package including the huge portrait...Ha! Somethings never change I guess.

  4. The shirt makes me want to find cherry pie and have some today! Thanks alot.... ;)

    BTW, good luck this weekend.

  5. maybe you could put the huge portrait over your bed...

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

  6. I have found my Nano in some pretty strange places! Tri-bag, box that has DVDs, etc...


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