Monday, August 24, 2009

Training blahs.

So, I'm following this training plan, or trying to, anyway. Problem is, it isn't a training plan for someone who does high-altitude, hot races on the day before I'm supposed to do my long runs. EEP. There's something about a real hot workout that just wears me out. I wind up napping most of the rest of the day, and I never get to that long run the next day...I do all the short ones, so my volume is up. Well, sorta. The truth is, I'm sick of the heat. It's got me pretty uninspired.

Just in time: it's finally cooling off. Still...

remember: I. am. lazy. I'm also deep into feeling sorry for myself for losing my job. And, I've been fooling myself in believing that moving boxes of stuff out of the garage equates to training for triathlon.

So far, for August:
Bike, 41 miles (oooh. pathetic.)
Run, 51 miles.
Swim, 1600 meters.

Anyway, my longest run to date since the "Run the Caldera" marathon in June has been 13 miles, and I'm doing the New Mexico marathon in 2 weeks. Gonna be a Long. Day.

I just set my almost finished bowl of cereal next to me to start writing, and realized that my cat was not snuggling and purring, she was finishing the bowl for me. And purring. Dammit. Does it every occur to anyone except me how odd it is, on occasion, that there are animals living in my house?
Animals. In my House. eating and peeing, and not always what and where they are supposed to do these things, which since the day we moved out of caves and into houses, are OUTSIDE.

I'm cranky.

I'm optimistically hoping that the triathlons that have been preempting my long runs are doing something to help me in the area of endurance, even though they've all been sprints.

and Baboo isn't here. He's somewhere else, on business, which means I'll eat badly, stay up too late, and generally take crappy care of myself. I'm pretty certain at this point that if he wasn't in my life, I'd be huge, miserable, tired, and depressed. We take good care of each other.

Gonna go eat some eggs now. I should go out, even for a quick run. Oh, wait...the hummingbird feeder needs filling...



  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    You guys train and race in more heat than I can imagine!

    (There may be a wee typo in your swim mileage. I hope. Or I suck.)

  2. I hear you on feeling just generally uninspired and over it.

    Last night my "training" consisted of doing the doing the dishes and taking the garbage out...

  3. Geez, your life is paralleling mine. Hubby away so no training this past weekend (no babysitter), am also an extremely lazy triathlete, also eat cereal when I blog. No animals at this time. oh, and always seem grouchy. Misery loves company, or so I've heard.

  4. I keep trying to convince myself that it's fall - kids in school, the sun's rising later, it's nearly September - and then I go outside and it's raging Arizona heat again. At this point I'll take anything under 100!

  5. It must be a cranky time of the year everywhere!
    I suppose you could reframe it that it's pretty impressive to be able to finish a marathon on a very patchy preparation? ...nah...

  6. Training blahs suck and are no fun! You have had some pretty big changes in your life recently (loss of job, leaving of son-even thought this is a "good" loss),empty nest, etc..give yourself a time period to "be lazy" then "get back on the horse"..

  7. Something must be in the air because after yet another crappy run - at 4:45 am mind you - I am contemplating giving up running altogether for awhile. I'm tired and cranky too.

  8. Don't despair about crappy runs in the heat- just set your expectations lower (I know it's hard sometimes when they already seem so low, but I have to do that anyway). Our weather here has been so much cooler than yours this summer, I am just really impressed you can do it at all. Even 80's slow me way down. The runs when it's more like 70 or lower feel so perky though. That tells me that even though I suck in the heat, there is some improvement going on. So do what you have to do to get through it (frequent soakings, stashes of ice if possible, don't beat yourself up for being slow), and know that you'll feel amazing when cool weather does come! Try to stay well nourished too (hard when you're trying to lose weight I know).

    Good luck getting through all these trials. It will get better!



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