Friday, September 18, 2009

Feet Au Gratin

Last winter when I couldn't run for months and tried speed-walking instead I developed very weird, tough callouses on the balls of my feet, especially my right foot. This callous is so tough that it wears through all my socks--only my right sock--and now all my socks have holes in them right there. It was so big that it was throwing off my gait.

When did I get so asymmetric?

When I finally did start running and walking long distances again, I started developing blisters UNDER this huge, weird callous, because it's so tough and inflexible that it stays in place while my feet move over it, causing a blister to form UNDER it. After last long run, I decided, enough is enough.

So I bought one of those egg-shaped callous shavers from the cosmetics section at WalGreens and took it home. Once I got it out of the package, I recognized it for what it was: It's a cheese grater for your feet.

Now - before I hear girlie squeals like Oh Misty that's so dangerous you can really eff up your feet with that I want to say: too late. I've already used it. In fact, I deliberately waited until I saw the results to write about it.

I used it carefully, cautiously, conservatively, waited a week, ran a marathon, and then waited another week before posting about it. I'm fine. My feet are fine. I was nothing if not very conservative in using this thing. I followed all the directions and was careful, and so far have had no problems. A LOT of stuff came off. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I mean...I'm into recycling, but, there's a limit. I tossed it.

So, if you're so inclined, there it is. A cheese grater for your feet.



  1. OMG! I love my egg. Hubs calls it the "cheese grater" too. I have a hard time with grating my own parmesean cheese now though.

    I also have had a positive experience with mine and I am the self-proclaimed "Callus Queen"

    I ♥ my P*di Egg... and someone would have to pry it from my dead, cold hands to get it from me. LOL

  2. Laughing at Donna...hehe. I love mine too! Dude, when you are a girl who rides and runs and swims like crazy, the poor feet are gonna get rough. The funniest part is when the sandpaper part gets HOT from rubbing back and forth. It's like you could start a fire on your foot!

  3. Hmmmm, I always wondered about those things. Clearly they work well. This summer I went for a pedicure and the "technician" pretty much chewed me out about my callouses. I felt like a whipped dog.

    Wallgreens, here I come.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Or I guess I should say...thanks for "shaving" the gross stuff off of your feet and telling us about it!

  5. i was eating my bagel and cream cheez, but after reading your post, i'm not really hungry any more.


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