Friday, September 18, 2009

It's the simple things...that I find disgusting.

Creamed. Corn. Who thinks this is a food? Not me. It's one of the few "vegetable-type" foods (more on this later) that I find completely disgusting. And I like brussel sprouts.

I remember liking it (creamed corn) when I was 3. After that, not so much.

I hate the consistency. The noise it makes coming out of the can and hitting the bowl.


Creamed corn to me says, "I've given up on adulthood."

Its says, "breast feeding is not socially acceptable at my age; I'll eat this instead."

Creamed corn says, "I don't care what I put in my mouth, or what it looks like, so long as there is substantially little difference between how it looks before I eat it and about an hour after I eat it."

That's all I'm going to say about creamed corn.

Except this: I've started packing Sweet Baboo's lunches for him (I know: AWWWWWW) and since he is training for another 100-miler, they include a sandwich, a vegetable, a fat-free pudding cup, some sort of fruit, and 2 cookies or a small cup of chips.

(This places me dangeously in the "June Cleaver" category, I know. I console myself with the knowledge that June, if manifested in the flesh, wouldn't kiss her husband goodbye, head out to run 8 miles and then come in to write a paper for law class. Also, Ward wasn't training for a hundred-miler.)

So, but. Anyway. Sweet Baboo and I have discussed his eating preferences. He was getting tired of having the same vegetables from the flat we bought at Costco so I asked him, what kind of vegetable do you all like?


Uh-huh. What else?

"Corn--I know, 'corn is not a vegetable' but I like it."

Go on. (Using my 'listening' skills here...)

"Beets, carrots, lima beans, but only once in a while, you know?"

I know.

So I perused the store shelves, tossing lima beans, peas, corn, mixed vegetables, beets into my cart...oh, look at this! Creamed corn. I know without checking that he loves him some creamed corn--I've never met a man who didn't. One of the things that I appreciate so much about Sweet Baboo is that, although some (his mother) might characterize him as a fussy eater, there are two great truths to his eating: first, he'll eat the same entree 2 or 3 days in a row and not get bored, and second, he loves simple things. Jell-o. Beets. Creamed corn.

In theory, creamed corn sounds good. Cream, sugar, corn. A minor, nonscientific poll among some people indicates that I am flawed for my dislike. Yes, I still don't like it. Nothing changes that, not even peer pressure. And, my Sweet Baboo loves it.

So I bought some. Bought two cans of what is, in my opinion: gruel. This morning, I emptied one into the small rubbermaid container that I use for packing vegetables for himself. I had to turn away as it sllluurrrppped out of the can into the plastic dish.


Of course, Sweet Baboo was very pleased.

I don't anything very important to say today.

It's raining out...and I hate creamed corn. But I love Sweet Baboo, so I subject myself to its presense.


Sweet Baboo mentioned that he never realized until we moved to the new house and all the kids were gone how little I actually train.


The jig is up.



  1. Oh dear. I'm at home sick with a cold and one of the things I bought from the local store today was a can of creamed corn. I don't eat it very often but when I'm ill - cream corn toasted sandwiches are my comfort food. I never got round to eating any, but the thought was there.

  2. ewww - creamed corn... as a general rule, I don't eat things that have been pre-digested... or look like they have been. you are a good wife. I don't even pack lunch for my kids anymore, much less for my husband.

  3. I'm aware the CC has a following - hopefully none of its followers will take offense...;-)

  4. "The jig is up" Hilarious!

    I hate creamed corn too but I have a fab-u-lous recipe for a low fat corn casserole that calls for it so I tolerate it's presence in my cupboard.

  5. Haven't had the CC in a loooooong time, we are talking years. However, I was a devout consumer as a child. I do prefer the perfect, seasonal sweet corn on the cob, picked at the peak of perfection and eaten the very same day....yum!

    You are a good wife, I would never pack lunch for my hubby. I'd throw him a $20 and tell him to fend for himself. Love comes in all forms.

  6. Same thing in my house...hubby loves it, while I am nauseated by the sight/sounds/smell of it. Ew.

  7. I loved canned creamed corn as a kid, but haven't eaten it in many years, and the idea of pouring a processed vegetable out of a can isn't sounding so appetizing these days. When I married my husband I was introduced to homemade creamed corn, a holiday tradition in his family. It. Is. Amazing. Nothing like the canned stuff.

  8. I always mixed 1 can creamed corn with 1 corn whole kernel corn. Also, I have a fab recipe for a corn casserole that using creamed corn.

  9. finally someone else who hates creamed corn as much as I do. I don't even have the time of day to stock canned corn in my cupboards.

    I'd rather scrape corn off the uneaten cob than buy canned.

  10. I like canned corn but not creamed corn. Oh no - no no no... for all of the reasons you mentioned plus the smell. Oh God - the smell.

    And now you can add another one to the list - the creamed corn somehow gave you up as a person who doesn't work out that much (WTF? How many hours = enough??) So creamed corn has earned an extra level of hate.

  11. hmpf as the local chapter of "Creamed Corn Rocks and those who don't think so can suck it" I am horribly offended by this post and demand a retraction!

    Even though this is America and you have the right to express any opinion you desire, and I have free will and can chose to read or not read anything I want to, I feel it necessary to stuff my beliefs down your throat and berate you for expressing any opinion other than my own. Like I said this is America.

    Man, I am feeling sassy this morning

    REal comment:

    1. Sorry that the job thing is still a concern

    2. Great job on your recent marathon and triathlon

    3. I do, infact, like creamed corn. My husband is as horrified as you and refuses to have it in the house. Making me skulk around in Greasy spoon type diners to get my fix.


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