Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I added another social work class to my roster at the university. I should be able to graduate nearly a year earlier than going part-time. That's 14 hours this fall, though, which is grueling, but it's only one semester, right? After this semester, I'll drop down to just 3 classes, which is totally manageable for me.

2. The new class I started, Social Work Practice, started with how to LISTEN. Thank goodness for that; now I can learn how to LISTEN. Oh, and EMPATHY. In research, I did a chi square all by myself. (Did I mention I used to teach this stuff?)

3. Since I'm apparently destined to be a house mouse for the time being, I've scheduled my time accordingly. Certain days are blocked for cleaning certain parts of the house, et cetera. I'm busier than I thought I'd be. I owe an apology to all my stay-at-home and retired friends who I grumbled about them not being available for lunch.

4. Now that Baboo is home from traveling, the TV is usually on the history channel or Nat Geo. . Last night I watched a show on kangaroo reproduction. At age 43 there are still things that astonish me with their seeming implausibility and just plain weirdness. This is, I'm telling you, the kind of stuff that makes you pause with a fistful of popcorn in midair and stare, open-mouthed; there are just some things I didn't need to know.
But, changing the channel would have involved either getting up or looking for the remote, and remember, I. Am. Lazy. Soooo. I hung in there to find out that female kangaroos have 3 vaginas, and the male kangaroo penis, besides being S-shaped, is BELOW the scrotum. YOU look up the pictures. I'm not doin' it. Oh, and you're welcome.

5. Now that the seasons are changing, the winds are back. They're pretty amazing - they gust and whoosh all night long, occasionally clattering through the attic vents, moving those large, waste-management cans several feet. Luckily, I have a white noise machine that blocks it out. I've had a hard-cover book INSIDE my house blow off a table because there was an open window 2 feet away.

6. I saw this --> in my kitchen today. 4 inches long. I scooped it up into a baggie and studied it for a while, and then threw it into the back yard. I read up on them and found out that they are a beneficial bug.
Well, I don't care, they're just effing creepy and they can just go effing be beneficial outside.

7. A while back I found a baby scorpion on the kitchen floor facing off with the most playful, but dumbest, of our cats. I wonder what else will seek shelter inside our house now that the weather is turning colder. One of the downsides of living next to the high desert wilderness, I guess. Bugs and wind.

8. I'm considering tutoring math next semester.

9. Your opportunity to hate me this week: I'm in a coffee shop typing this. Still.....

10. I'm eating muchly.

11. I'm eating badly.

12. I'm watching too many crime shows.

13. I'm ready for Sunday, for a long, slow, 26.2 miles.


  1. The animal should be so desperate to procreate as to need three vaginas. That is just wrong on so many levels.

    You would expect living in NYC that I would have roaches, or the occasional roach. Nope, I get creepy, crawly house centipedes that look much like your little friend, except hairier. They eat roach larvae, but not people food, so I never find one in the kitchen, but like you, the creepy factor is there demise.

    good luck on the 26.2!

  2. I knewe that kangaroo reproduction was wierd, but I never learned THAT in Biology class.

    When we moved in, we found 12 black widows in a corner of the garage. And, yesterday, Mark found a turtle in the back yard--but no centipedes or scorpions so far...


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