Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oops. (Thursday Thirteen)

I got so busy with work and having my son in town, that I forgot about this.  Eep.  Then I started watching the twilight zone marathon.  Howww saddddd....I remember it being cool.  Now it's just kind of--meh.  But there's nothing else on, and my favorite early evening show (BONES) has been preempted by overpaid buffoons bouncing a ball.

Tonight, I'll try to make it to midnight.  I have some sparkling wine.  We'll see.

Meanwhile: Thirteen New Year's Non-resolutions.  Things I will NOT do in 2010.

Okay.  Some of these things I wouldn't do on a bet anyway.  I'll leave you to figure out which ones they are.

13.  Once again, I will not eat anything that is bright green, like chlorella.  I'll eat Pesto, however.  I'll always eat Pesto.

12.  I am not making any weight resolutions.  Let the chips fall where they may.  None of the supplements or calorie-restrictions work, so I'm just going to focus on being healthy and fit.  If I lose weight, so be it, but I'm tired of getting an anxiety attack whenever I walk over to the scale.

11.  I won't sign up for a hundred-miler at this weight.  I'm not going to bust my ass to get thinner, but I am going to be realistic.  If I happen to drop, well, then we'll see.

10.  I will not look for any new jobs this year.  I just want to concentrate on the one I have now, which is appallingly low in pay, but one that I enjoy quite a bit.

9.  I'm not going to cut my hair any more this year.  Some trimming of dead ends, maybe.  that's all.  Right now, it just touches my shoulders.

8.  I'm not going to eat any more food at the Chinese place around the corner from where I work.  Mind you, I lurves me some greasy Chinese food.  But.  I think this place takes liberties with their MSG.  I was weak and tired and headachy after I ate there, for no reason I could think of, starting a few hours after I ate it and ending about 24 hours later.  I know, I know, I never believed before.  Now I do.

7. I won't miss my annual dental exam.  I won't miss my mammogram this year, either.

6.  I won't go back on my plan to do fun, cross training stuff.  Like climbing, power yoga, hiking, and  weight-lifting..

5.  I won't miss taking as many classes as possible so I can finish this silly degree.

4.  I will not buy Twin Peaks on DVD.  Or rent it through Netflix.

3.  I will not be a slacker this year.  I will continue my new habit of running at least three miles every morning before work.

2.  I will not, at any given time, refer to myself as a fatass.

1.  I will not stop appreciating my health, my friends, and the wondrous life I have.



  1. I watched about 4 of those old Twilight Zones too. Like modern ghost stories, aren't they?

  2. A good list! especially no. 2. I might have to pinch the idea

  3. Happy New Year! (My personal fave is no. 12.)

  4. Great list Misty. I could have written 12 & 13 myself. While I do have a weight loss goal, I have stopped putting a timeline on it. If I make it this year, great. If not, no more anxiety attacks for me either! Last year I didn't race at all due to my weight and I'm committing to anything this year yet. I too am reaching for a few miles before work several times a week. Here's to a happy employed, HEALTHY 2010 for you.

  5. Great list! Happy New Year!!!

  6. #13 - We had green chili grits last night. Hubby said it was the best side dish he's ever eaten. And we love our food. Although the green chili stuff is from New Mexico any ways, so this is probably not news to you. It might have been the highlight of my New Years Eve though... in all of its bright green glory.

  7. I like the "not to do" list better than a "to do" list for New Years- will have to try this!
    Have a Happy 2 thousand and ten!

  8. How about "I will NOT step on a scale except for in the Dr.'s office"-

  9. Anonymous12:33 PM

    me likey....happy new year dear!


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