Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thinking out loud.

I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to come up so I can start my long run - It's in the low thirties right now, which is the warmest it's been all week.  Damn, I am SICK of winter!  Of course, I'll probably miss the cold in July.

So, I passed my background check, and was fingerprinted, and peed in a cup, and then they asked me for my social security card.  I made a face like I was thinking really hard.  You know the one: You furrow your brow, and look down and to the right right, and maybe bite your lip...but deep inside, I knew: I was never going to find that sucker. I had moved since the last time I'd ever even LOOKED at it, and almost certainly I tucked it into some place so that it wouldn't get lost, the location of which is buried somewhere deep behind memories that I don't need, like how Led Zepelin got their name. 

Which meant I would have to go down to the social security office to get another one.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

They also asked for transcripts, and I couldn't find the one that seemed to be in my way for the past couple months, so I invoked murphy's law immediately, wrote a check for $4 and mailed it off to my college for copies, and of course, three hours later, I found it.  They are extra careful about background checks.  After all, their primary clients are children and adolescents. 

Then Friday, I talked to them, and they said that they wanted me to get started right away.  Could I come in oh, about 8:30ish so they could settle me into my office and set me up on my computer?  Oh, also, I was told, they were in a meeting discussing my salary, which was likely to be higher than they had originally quoted me. 


Ask anyone I"m obsessed with offices.  For 9 years, I had a giant office through which troops of teenagers tromped every day, writing on my furniture (which I always had to clean) and sticking gum under it.  Then at the counseling center, nobody had their own office, you fought over space on a daily basis, and if you were dumb enough to try to keep your stuff anywhere, interns would take it.  The walls were thin, thin, thin, too. 

How can it be that I am finally starting a job doing what I've wanted to do, for what appears to be decent organization that treats me respectfully?  How?

Have I finally burned off a lot of bad Karma?


Speaking of burning, I still have a lot of catchup to do after eating so much the last couple of weeks. 
I'm going for a run.   

(PS: as I'm writing this, I'm observing a few things. Sweet Baboo, you should know that the cat licks your popcorn bowl when you're not around. )



  1. That P.S. almost made me spew water. :) Awesome.

  2. oooooh sounds VERY promising!

  3. The best part about this is they are discussing your salary, which will be higher that what they had originally quoted you.

    Friday was a good day...

  4. Good for you! Enjoy it and settle in to your next chapter.

    And the P.S.? Let's just agree that we will always tell people about cats licking our popcorn bowls, rather than hoping they read our blog comment before the next movie night. Sound fair?

    Big Clyde

  5. Happy for you! Not so much for SB and his popcorn bowl.

  6. Awesome! No more gum!

  7. Haha - the PS was hilarious! I love my cats! >^..^<

    Congrats on your good Karma!


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