Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thursday Thirteen.

1) DIET. Holding steady at 169/168. I fell off the wagon pretty hard over the holiday week. I've been trying to climb back on it, but it's pretty hard to climb up on a wagon when you weigh this much. Ba-DUM-pa.

From the New Mexico Independent of Tuesday, the
firm [Optum] had about 13,000 unprocessed
claims...down from a
high of more than
50,000 claims...
2) WORK. Still no full time offers. Even better: the contracted company (OPTUM) in charge of paying charges for the therapy I do part-time is not paying their providers. I don't know why. Does it matter why? No, it doesn't.  

3) Book and Author Review. In addition to the watch I'm going to be reviewing, I'm also going to be interviewing the author of a book called, "Triziphrenia" which is his humorous look at becoming a triathlete. Stay tuned; when I finish finals next week I'll be devoting my time to the book and the interview.

4) VANITY.  I ordered my first bifocals Tuesday, which means I'm old.  Of course, they are progressives, which means I'm vain. When I get used to them, I'll get bifocal contacts. Which makes me even more vain.  I don't care.

5) GRAD SCHOOL.  Finals are this week. Can you just smell the nervousness?  I can.  oh, maybe that's just me.  Never mind.   

6) WORKOUT music.  In my quest to stay motivated in my home workouts, I got ideas for workout songs on this website.  Now this song is stuck in my head.  Enjoy.

7) TONY HORTON'S Power 90. I've been doing this workout for a week now, in addition to my run training. It's about 30 minutes every day, and so far, I like it. I don't mind a bit of repetitiveness. I wear my Vibram Five Fingers, and I have a wooden floor, and that's my workout surface. There is a section called AbRipper 100 that makes me cry, which is probably a good thing. I'm going to do it for the rest of the month, and then transition over to P90X.  These are not being tracked in the Daily Plate. 

8) "Before" pictures.  I told JWim that every time I do a "before" picture I end up quitting whatever program I'm on so I wasn't going to do one before starting the Tony Horton series.    

But then this picture came to my attention when the photographer emailed me and suggested that this would make an excellent Christmas gift.
Yeah.  I'm going to put this in a holiday greeting card. It's just the worst picture that could have been taken on this particular day.  I'm landing heavy, in mile 26 of a marathon I didn't train for in early September.  I'm sweaty, and tired, and not at all enjoying myself.  My posture is terrible because I'm so tired.  There's the bright, overhead sun highlighting every flaw.
Oh, yes.  This is definitely my "before" picture; epecially since I looked better just a few hours later.

9) WORK, PART 2. Nothing yet.  I don't understand what is up with people not acknowledging phone calls, resumes and letters of interest, or even interviews, but it is apparently the new policy for administrators that employees are expendable peons, and you owe them nothing, and if they don't work for you, you owe them even less.  I'm becoming pretty frustrated. I expect more, especially in education and behavioral health, which is supposed to be all about people!

10) SPORTY HOBBIT FEET.  DP (who doesn't blog any more but is very active on facebook) wasn't lying when she said "be prepared to answer a lot of questions when you wear those."  It is quite the ice breaker! Be preparerd to explain why you're wearing them...what you do...why you'd do "that" to yourself (running long distances) and how they feel.

11) Smoke.  SMOKE!  As in, I have a wood stove, and people tell me I smell all good, "like winter".  As in, I need to either shower more or we need to learn how to get the danged thing to draft properly, because me and all my clothes carry the fragrant smell of cedar and pinon smoke with me everywhere I go.  

12) CONTEST: I think I'm going to have people email me directly about this. To enter, email me at:

13)  TRIATHLON RELAY.  Sunday I'm doing the swim as part of a team in a sprint triathlon in Rio Rancho.  That's about as motivated as I am toward triathlon right now.  I wonder if I'm a little burned out on it. 



  1. I really like those Keen Mary Janes. I'm going to have to try some. And talking of Hobbit feet, I saw someone wearing a replica hobbit like cloak on the way to work the other day, it was surreal!

  2. I must be vainer than you because I went straight for the multifocal contacts and ordered the bifocals and the backup. It's such a relief to be able to see again.

  3. oooh that Triphrenia book sounds interesting! Look forward to hearing about your interview with the author more!

  4. Love Jef Mallet and his Frazz comic, his books are on my list. Just found out he has a column in Triathlete this month.

    Bifocals. I can't wait. (and bifocal contacts) After all these years of being soooo nearsighted, couldn't it just even out to normal? No, not how it works apparently. So far I've been wearing glasses instead of contacts at home (helps) and wearing drugstore magnifiers - when did everyone start putting things in such small print it makes my eyes quiver?! BTW, I got told by an eye doc that it's simply an over-40 thing - they can look in your eyes and tell if you're over 40 or not by the stiffening of the eye which is apparently the cause of the problem. Bleah.

    Smoke - sounds wonderful, like you're bringing your own holiday scent with you everywhere!

    Hope your leg of the tri and your finals go well, and that the evil work people call you/pay you/both.

  5. I have a pair of the toe shoes too. But I bought them for watersports. My little pinky toe doesn't like being spread out like that. Otherwise, I'd probably wear them more often.

  6. I'm way late to the "post a comment" game, but I couldn't agree more about the Without You song . . . I HATE rap, hip hop, etc (I'm old, I guess), but seriously pretty much NOTHING beats Eminem for running music. Unbelievable!


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