Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Obscure Holiday Image Edition.

13. I'm months behind on blog-reading.  Soon, I'll be stopping by.

12.  SweetFace came in this weekend, He's here for 2 weeks. I laid in supplies: potatoes and bread and pasta.  And rice.  Lots of rice.  Three bags of cereal, couple boxes of oatmeal.  2 cartons of eggs.

Maybe I was overdoing it. I just have these memories of the teenage sweetface, who was essentially a food shredder.  He initially claimed that he doesn't eat much, but I note waning supplies of cereal, to start.

11.  It continues to be disappointingly cold.  This cold "snap" has lasted several weeks, which is annoying.  They call it winter, and an annoying side effect of it is that there is far less time to run after work.  I'm pretty close to buying one of those "daylight" lamps.  I keep checking the reports to see if the cold snap is lifting soon.  Apparently, it's expected to hang around until March.

10. My daughter converted to Jehovah's Witness a few years ago.  They don't celebrate Christmas or Birthdays.  She vacillates monthly between she "is" in the religion and she "isn't".  This month, she isn't which I suppose is handy when your birthday is 2 days after Christmas.  I guess that means I have to get her a present.  dammit.  (She never reads my blog.  She complained that I didn't talk about her enough on it.  She complains about that a lot.)

9. The aforementioned daughter is apparently upset with Seaman Jon.  She put "Jon, your an asshole" on her FaceBook page.  At first, I wasn't going to comment on it, but what the hell, I'm her mother so I posted, essentially, Dear daughter, it's "You're" not "your".  As in, if you're going to show low-class behavior by cursing your brother publicly, at least do it correctly.

8.  Work continues to be so interesting that I don't even stop for lunch.  Last week, I got up at 5 am, run 3 miles, worked 9 hours, eating cold soup at my desk, which I don't mind because I'll eat anything, and also I can't plug in a hot pot because remember--it blew a fuse last week--and I don't want to go all the down to the microwave becuase remember, I. Am. Lazy.

7.  I've decided that Fridays I will not exercise.  I will stay up later on Thursday nights, and sleep later Friday mornings.  I will snuggle.
OR maybe I'll just lay there sleeping with my mouth open.
Either way, I will have a latte, and maybe a bowl of cereal, before going to work, and celebrate my Fridayness.

6. I was hired to quickly that I went into the HR office this week and said, um, hate to bother you, but how often do we get paid, is it by check, are there holidays, et cetera....I've never worked in private industry before.  Government, schools, and non profit thrust you into orientation immediately  IMMEDIATELY.  You can't even start working until everything is signed and your credentials have been verified and you've provided the requisite voided check.

5. So, anyway.  After they answered all my questions, they handed me a list of things they needed me to bring the next day: transcripts, my NPI letter, my license.  I am to find five professional references to attest to my clinicail skills at this, the first real clinical job I've had.  Hmm.  And the forms say, "Dear ____, the above mentioned candidate has applied for a job at our facility...."
Oh.  And also, they wanted me to fill out an application for employment? 

4. It bears mentioning that Sweetface waited until the last minute (2 days before he planned to leave) to buy his ticket.  He was then, apparently, mystified that he couldn't do that online.  So then he went down to buy it in person. 

3. This week, I will increase my daily treadmill runs to 5 miles.  This week's movie:  Garden State. 

2.  I continue to love my job.  It was kind of cool the way they tossed me in there and assumed I knew what to do (I did).  Then every few days, they would add something else in to what I'm doing, assuming that I would know what to do (I do).  I apparently ask the right questions, and don't ask the wrong ones, and I do it all efficiently, and without passive-aggressive behavior.  I'm just saying.

1.  This holiday, be happy that your child is not beating her head against the wall to get the voices to stop, or tried to set you on fire because you wouldn't let her go outside.  Again--that's all I'm saying.

Have a great holiday!!


  1. Happy holidays to you and your Sweet Baboo!

  2. Merry, merry to you and yours! (I also get greatly annoyed by the 'your' 'you're' thing. Also 'loosing' weight.) I'm just saying.

  3. Love the obscure holiday images...especially poop dressed as Santa. WTF?????
    Merry Christmas to you and the rest of your family -daughter included-when she isn't "in" the religion.

  4. Number 1 is the best. I will count my blessings indeed.

  5. Love #9, I am usually the one correcting my mother's grammar, not sure what that means. Although, I suppose it's good that she hasn't called me an asshole.

    Happy Holidays to you and Mom's birthday is also two days after Christmas. It kind of sucks.

  6. Merry Christmas Misty! Have fun with Jon and yes to #1-I am so grateful!

  7. @Debi: Jon isn't sweetface. Sweetface is the oldest kid, the Soldier. Seaman Jon is at Groton Base, CT.

  8. Anonymous9:59 PM

    u used efficient and non passive-aggressive in a sentence...that is fantabulous!


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