Thursday, January 28, 2010

The good, the bad, and the things that cut your ass.

13. GOOD: An old friend of mine from out of town was here this week. We binged together twice. I've known her since 9th grade.

12. BAD: after the first binge, we came back to find that my car had been broken into. They smashed the driver's side window to get it (Now, WTF, who chooses a Honda Fit to break into?)They stole my parent skills teaching materials, leather organizer, and my Las Vegas Marathon bag which had my brand new pink camouflage chlorine resistant Speedo, my pink swim cap from IM-Coeur D'Alene, and my pink goggles.

11: BAD: Embarrassing moment of the week, a coworker saw my the papers and other junk strewn around the car, and gasped, "Dude, they totally trashed your car looking for stuff!"
No, I had to admit, that's what it usually looks like. Minus the broken window. My car is a giant purse, and it usually looks like a homeless person's hangout.

10. GOOD: Late that night a guy called me from a local golf course; he had found my organizer and parenting manual. Yay! No word on my brand new Speedo. Goddamn it.

9. BAD: The new window didn't exceed my deductible, so it was all out of pocket. My alternative was to continue to drive up and down the freeway, looking like an insane woman, my warmest wool coat wrapped around me, singing Major Tom at the top of my lungs while tiny slivers of glass continued to work their way through all my clothing and cut my ass.
4..3..2..1..Earth below us...drifting...falling...floating weightless...calling....calling...

7. GOOD: Since my friend Sharon was in town, and had rented a Prius, she got to be my taxi. She took me to the police station, to pick up my car on the other side of town from the auto glass place, and yes, to another food binge.

6. BAD: I realized on Tuesday that they stole the cord to my computer. Just the power cord. WTF?

5. BAD: So now I have to shell out $70 for a new power cable and cord.

4: GOOD: The people who replaced my auto glass also thoroughly vacumed my car which means no more cuts on my ass, AND I found several items I thought I'd lost. Like I tell Baboo: every day is like Christmas when you're as messy as I am.

3: GOOD: Also on Thursday, I got to down to the Juvenile Detention home. We had this potential patient, but the psychiatrists couldn't agree if he was "appropriate" (read:too dangerous) for us. I was called in to be the tie breaker. No, it's okay, really: I enjoy this kind of stuff. It's interesting. It's EDGY. In my semi-blond soccer mom world, it's a nice departure.

2. WEIRD: I don't like talking on the phone much of the time. My sons know this and text me, and I text them back promptly. My daughter refuses to text or email, because it's all about her . I'll just say that out loud. She also insists on attempting to call me late at night, when I'm in class, Sundays during my long run, or when she's at an incredibly noisy place.
  • You know how on your phone you can choose an individual ring tone for each person?
  • Did you know that one of the options for that ring tone is silence?

Yeah. Guess who's going to win this round?
(Shhh. Remember, she doesn't read my blog, becuase I don't talk about her enough in it.)
Anyway could stand to practice reading and writing, I always say. Anyway, we're at an impasse.

1. VERY GOOD: I'm back to long runs. I'm going to try to finish my second 50 miler in March, so this is a neccessity. I'm also starting "Satan's Spin Class" with Sweet Baboo and DreadPirate.



  1. I love #11. I was looking at my junk drawer of a car this morning and thinking, 'god i have to clean this car before someone thinks I live in it.'

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  3. Too bad about the break-in. Why would the thief take your pink goggles? Not that pink goggles aren't full of awesomely awesomeness!

  4. Seriously... I guess it could have been worse... they could have stolen the whole car...

    Hope those pink goggles and swim suit find their way back to you. If you start up a collection, let me know.

  5. Dude. I have that same swimsuit. It's perfect. So sorry it was stolen. How odd.

  6. Sorry about the break-in, but I love that fact that you have a car purse. Are you sure that the spin class name isn't a typo? When I first read it, I read "Satan's Spin Class".

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    2Weird is fully awesome. You totally aced that round. (Go, Mama!)

    Your car is your purse... YES! There is finally a designation for what is happening in my truck. Can I borrow that phrase? I'm gonna need it.

  8. There's a book you really ought to read ... the hidden benefits of mess... or why it can be a GOOD thing to not be perfectly organized. BTW --- I've been reading your blog for a few months now--- love it (native New Mexican living in Texas now... looking to possibly make the jump from 1/2 to full marathon in 2010 or 2011)

  9. Man that sucks about your car and your stuff! I have the swimsuit too, damn!

    Love "Major Tom", the original by Peter Schilling, although the remake by Shiny Toy Guns is tolerable.

    Glad you got the glass our of your ass.

  10. Oops, crap. Now I have to date myself. Major Tom was originally sung by David Bowie in 1969. I know, potato, potahto, but I was a huge DB fan once, and I still feel some loyalty to him...

  11. So sorry to read about the breakin of your car.

    I was confused by your comment, "The new window didn't exceed my deductible, so it was all out of pocket."

    The insured is responsible for the deductable. The fact that the cost did not exceed the cost of your deductable is a good thing in that if it had, you would be required to pay the additional amount up to your deductable limit and then the insurance company would be responsible for everything over that amount.

  12. Sorry about all that but seriously, you still made me laugh in the telling of it! We also have a house phone that can be programmed with special rings. Sometimes we don't even get off the couch to look at the caller ID cause we already know we don't wanna talk to that person - ha!

  13. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Oh that stinks about your car...that suit was very cute too.

    My 1999 Saturn got stolen twice last summer (twice! by the same person or people) and I couldn't help but think "Who steals a 1999 Saturn? Aim higher car thieves!"

  14. Ouch what a week.

    I too have a car purse...and I also have a purse that may or may not be originally a beach bag. I need my stuff.

  15. You are so brilliant. Silent as a ring tone for certain people. LOVE IT.

    Bummer about the car breakin. I hope they find your swim suit and IM swim cap!

  16. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Ugh! That stinks about your car. What a thing to mess up your week. Glad you're back to the long runs though; how do you prepare for a 50-miler. I'm dying to try sometime.

  17. Car issue=major they stole your parent teaching skills book?? how weird is that?
    YOU ARE DOING ROY's CLASS? that rocks!


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