Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miscellaneous mid-week stuff.

I hate night classes.  I have so much trouble winding down when my class ends at my bedtime.

I joined WeightWatchers Online again.  did I mention this already?  Again, it's not about size, body image. 

It's about how much my feet hurt hauling 175+ pounds over 30+ miles. 
that's 79Kg and 50km, for our international friends.

So.  I get 22 points a day.  It's based on your current weight.  I also get 35 points flexible points I can use any time during the week.  I like to blow them at the end of the week . These are my "cheat" points.

Baboo, being over 6', gets like, a million calories a day.  So he just eats and eats and eats.  I nibble.  I'm sure that, from his perspective, he's dieting, but to me, it's like he sits next to me with bushels of food and chows down.  But anyway, the first few days, I decided not to change my eating habits, and just to track them, out of curiosity.  I figure on a what is "reasonably" healthy and just track it.  This is what got me started way back in 2005.
Here's how it looked:
  • Monday: The baker dropped off free herbed bread.  Also, I got a bad attack for sweets late in the day, and ate two candy bars (Twix and MilkWay Dark, for the curious).  Total points eaten: 37.5
  • Tuesday: Denise baked cookies.  There was more bread.  33.5 points.
  • Wednesday: More bread.  29 points.  I have noted that I get a sweet attack during the day, so I brought some light, fat-free yogurt, which helps. 
    And, hey: How come light fat-free yogurt is 2 WHOLE points?  No fair.  meanwhile, did I mention the lasagna?  Oh, oops.  I made this giant lasagna last Sunday.  Four-cheese, full fat, no holds barred.  We gnoshed on it when we got back from the ghost town run.  Of course, there were leftovers.  A whole weeks worth. 
    That may have something to do with my points.  Meanwhile.  I note that an orange is 1 point.  I love oranges.  Hmm.
    (If you're reading this, you'll note that I appear to have eaten my "cheat" points for the week, and it's only Wednesday.)
  • Thursday: I got back on the treadmill.  No candy bars.  No bread.  Yogurt and canned fruit in the morning.  I divide my lunch in half and eat part around noon, and the other part around 4.  Then I hit Boston Market in the evening for some steamed veggies, and a skinny dulce cinnamon (grande) latte from Starbucks.  Ta-daaaaa: 21 points for the day.  I'm workin' it.  I'm workin' it.
    I note that seitan, which is pure vegetarian protein, has way fewer calories than tuna.  I can take fish oil capsules, and save myself about 3 points, which I might be able to spend on bread.

    Tomorrow....yes, tomorrow will be different.  
It occurs to me that this appeals to me in the same manner that athletics appeals to me - I'm invested in shaving off seconds here and there, or points here and there.  It works for me.  You have to find what works for you. 

I cannot believe how many points bread is.  Did I mention it's crusty bakery bread?  I don't even put anything on it.  Crusty crust and a soft white interior. 

Oh, bread, why must you be so good?  Why must your siren song make my feet hurt from carrying so much of my ass around in an ultra?  WHY? Cheese I can understand, even candy bars, but how can something so fluffy and full of holes have that many calories?  Where are they all?

And Boston market creamed spinach.  SEVEN points for a serving.  SEVEN.  Crap. 

I will busy myself with diagnosing kids some more. 

Then a coworkers walks past my office with two loaves of bread. 

Oh, help me. 



  1. When I was working WW I didn't count the points of my fruit. I figured it wasn't the fruit that was making me fat. I made it to Lifetime Membership so I feel pretty ok with it. Good luck. My main reason for wanting to lose weight is also so I can get faster and make running feel easier.

  2. I recently started back to WW for the exact same reason you really hurts to haul that extra weight around. Good luck with the bread!

  3. I know your pain. I think I look pretty great right now, but lawsy the x-tra poundage is a drag!
    Also, I make the bread for our family and Lord have mercy it's damned hard not to devour a whole loaf after enjoying the smell of it baking...damn you bread!

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    You've come so far. So very, very far... I'm cheering for you. Every step of the way (including the one up on to the scale- that can be the worst one).

    Little steps. Baby steps. You.Can.Do.This.

    You already have.

  5. I only eat my wife's homemade wheat and flax seed break. Does that help with the points or does WW value all breads the same?

  6. Nope. Sorry. It's all bread. Sometimes you get a break if things are higher in fiber and low in fat, but mostly it's all about calories. I'll bet its yummy, though!

  7. I am seriously considering joining WW. I managed to lose 95lbs on my own 3 years ago but now it seems my cravings are out of control. And what do I crave? Simple carbs and fats - especially butter. I do not think I can stop that on my own this time.


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