Saturday, January 23, 2010

NEXT UP: How I'll celebrate (or try to) my 45th

WHAT: A challenging 50 mile loop course on forest service roads
WHERE: Trails through the southeastern part of the Santa Rita Mountains (part of the Arizona Trail).

  • Elevation at Kentucky Camp (Start/Finish): 5142 ft
  • Low point in course: 4031 ft, High point in course: 5847 ft
  • Avg. grade is 6% with 7,000 ft climb and 7,000 ft of descent over the 50 miles

We are bunking with FeLady for this trip.  She is kind enough to offer us a bed, in exchange for which I will regale her with stories and get her all liquored up with chocolate wine.
Threr is a CUTOFF for this one that has me in a bit of a panic. I have 15 hours to cover 50 miles of trail; given that my best 50k is 8 hours that should be quite a neat trick.
First cutoff: mile 13, 4 hours
mile 19, 6 hours
mile 25, 7 hours
mile 40, 12 hours
mile 46, 13-1/2 hours
Finish line, 15 hours.



  1. ok- where's my fancy LINK? :-)
    Never mind- I hardly blog anymore anywho.
    Their map link doesn't work...
    I am trying to find out just where in heck this is going to be held!
    Should be pretty! (Wildflowers!)
    Can't wait!

  2. If you go to their website they have a map link that works, I think.

  3. Wait... is that right? If the 19 mile cut off is 6 hours, and you squeak by, you then have to get through 6 miles in an hour to make the 25 mile cut off? That right there is a gauntlet!

  4. That's what I meant-it doesn't work on the Old Pueblo 50 site-!
    (At least on MY computer it doesn't !)

  5. Looks tough...but you're tough, it'll be fine! I noticed the 40 to 46 mile cutoff - you get an hour and a half for 6 miles after you've already run 40? Ouch.


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