Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cats are not dogs, and I'm getting faster. Thursday Thirteen.

13.  I decided to give Diet Power a try, but I ditched it after 2 days. According to Diet Power, I was right on track.  I'd consumed 1400 calories on Monday, on Tuesday 1300 calories.  It gave me an A+ for nutrition.  Then I entered the exact same information in Weight Watchers, it told me that on Monday, I ate 31 points.  (I'm allowed 21).  On Tuesday, I ate 27 points.  At this rate I'll be gaining in no time.  So, DietPower: FAIL.  (at least for me).  I'll be doing extra runs this week to burn off those extra points.

12.  After doing a personal best on the course at Buffalo Springs last weekend, I'm ready for a personal worst (50K) this weekend.

11.  After having surivived the pummeling at Lubbock, and PR-ing by 15 minutes, I wonder how I'll do at the Milkman sprint in a few weeks.  Milkman is a very nice little sprint I've done several times.  The lake tastes like crap, the road is rough, and the run is hot, shadeless, and on trails. Oh, and there's ice cream after.  Hence my continued participation.

10.  It's not quite Ironman training, but it's ramping up.

9.  Hissy is our gray tabby.  Hissy isn't trainable.  She comes and goes as she pleases, although in general, she prefers a lap, but only on her terms.
Hissy, however, doesn't eat her own crap.  She also doesn't drag my soiled feminine products out of the trash and chew on them.  She also has never torn a main drip line in half, after tearing all the side drip lines out of it, dug deep holes into 30-year-old sod, torn out several large sheets of weed fabric from under the gravel, tore out and then chewed up a small dog door out of the shed wall so that it can't be reinstalled despite a larger, new opening 5 feet away, and then then chewed around the remaining hole to make the hole bigger, leaving a large, jagged hole.

She's scratched a few chairs in her day.  But she's never climbed into the upper part of the pond, grabbed the potted filter plants, shook them and thrown them out of the pond, tried to dig a Japanese maple out of its pot, torn and chewed several pieces off a railroad tie retaining wall, or tried to tear an oak sapling out of the ground.

I've caught her licking my food before.  But I've never caught her grabbing and carrying off whole ingredients for what I was cooking, she's never chewed up at least a kitchen utensil until it was unusable,or eaten food OUT OF THE POT WHILE It WAS COOkING.

I don't know why anything thinks dogs are smart.  Cats are smart, and neat, and after the past three months, I'm willing to overlook a shredded chair if it means the rest of my life and home is intact.

I am at this point looking for a ranch to send Jake to.  He's a good working dog, and needs room to run and things to do.

7.  However.  Chloe, who is part ridgeback, and I have bonded. (At left is a picture of a male.  I haven't taken pictures of the dogs recently).  I adore her furrowed brow and ever-present worried expression.  She stands next to me when I cook, looking very concerned and wagging her tail furiously. I sometimes "accidentally" drop bits of food on the floor.  For some inexplicable reason, I keep wanting to call her Sadie. 

6.  Only one more year of social work school left.

5.  So now that I've stumbled upon the idea that I can actually get faster, I'm wondering what I can do.  In grade school and middle school, I made teams because I could run fast.  Unfortunately, I suck at team sports.  I more than once dribbled the ball, fast, the wrong way on the court.  Then, in high school, I was too cool to run, or do anything, so now at the age of 45, I want to know, how fast can I go?

4.  This is kind of macabre, but here it is: my ex's, who mocked me severely for being a "health nut" all seem to be on an increasing downward slide towards an early grave.  While I was being a "big drag" by trying to avoid a dangerous life, going to school, eating healthy, and exercising, they were associating with hookers and thugs, smoking, drinking, eating red meat every single day, and ignoring sunblock.  The results, before even reaching retirement age, are one of them has been shot, has skin cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  The other has had a stroke and a heart attack.
I'm not happy about others suffering.  I'm satisfied not to be joining them.

3.  I've discovered why older people are cranky.  It's because they've endured a lifetime of waiting for serviceman, sales representatives, and other people who make an appointment to come to your home and never show up.

2. At this time, I have a nearly fully operational sprinkler system.  There's no reason why this should matter to anyone but us, but it makes me pretty darned happy.

1.  Timex sent me a watch to test out- puportedly, I can "tap" on the watch face to hit laps, and I thought this would be useful during a sprint, when I don''t want to fumble with buttons.  I'll write a report soon--I'll be testing it out at the Milkman sprint.  I still also have to write a report on the Tech4o watch I was sent 5 months ago.  So far, the results aren't good, but I need to do more tests.



  1. Personally, I am a cat person and for all the reasons you mentioned. Not to say I don't love my puppy but no more after she passes.

    Good luck on your 50k!

  2. I am more of a dog person, however, with mine being on death's door, I'm needing a big break from all animals. I claim to be a "dog liker", instead of "lover".

    I'd be happy not being in past company as well.

    Also, HOW do you get these companies to send you all the free stuff??? Let me know on that, will ya'?

  3. I wish I was going to be in town to cheer you on at the Milkman (I do NOT bike or swim, so I wouldn't have been joining the fun even if I were in town).

    After the MMTri, I suggest you guys head south about 10 miles on Hwy 2 almost to Hagerman. On the right side of the road is a fabulous place to eat. It's call La Botana, I think. It's a trailer. Get a steak Torta with everything. It's some type of sandwich almost a combo of a sub and a philly cheessteak on yummy mexican bread. I suggest adding avacados. MMMM! It will be a great way to refuel after the tri and ice cream. Have fun and good luck! I'll go for a run in Italy just for you! :)

  4. Kate, that sounds wonderful - any vegetarian options at that place? We don't do steak. Maybe beans?

  5. Hmm... probably you could do beans, I'm sure they could do that. It comes with cabbage, cilantro, tomatoes. I bet they can figure out something without steak. It really is a tiny place, but yummy. It literally is a trailer parked in a big lot with a carport and tables outside. Quite the dive, but probably my favorite lunch place to eat in all of the pecos valley.

    Good luck and have fun!

  6. kate, I'll definitely have to check that out. I love dives. Their food is usually pretty awesome.

  7. Sounds like you're doing really well these days. It's good to hear. I'm a big believer in hills too- they'll certainly push you out of the comfort zone and build strength.

    I'm a cat person too. Ours act like a coalition of cheetahs and hang out all day together, cuddled up and licking each other (and then biting).

    Good luck at Jemez. We're expecting a PR now (no pressure :))!



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