Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Glass Fills up again. Thursday Thirteen.

13.  Tuesday night, I took my last final for the semester.  I can't believe how I feel.  I'm practically giddy. I came home, and had a glass of wine...or three...and repeated to myself, "It's over".  Then I took a picture of myself and then edited it in Photoshop so show how happy I am.

12.  I have started training for the Redman Full Iron distance triathlon  Essentially,I'm mostly following a 50K training plan from the Santa Clarita Trail Runners website, which you can find here.  Add to that 2 swim workouts each week, and replace the Saturday run with hill repeats on a boulevard with wide shoulders that descends into the river valley, about 1000 feet over 5 miles.

11.    Here's how much stress affected me this semester: I spent a lot of time this semester listening to a CD that has songs that I'm hoping to be played at my funeral some day. Yeah, I know.  DARK.  
So this weekend, I tossed that CD and burned a "Happy" CD.  Here's the songs that are on it:
I'm Yours Jason Mraz
Lucky, Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz
There She Goes, Sixpence None The Richer
Dandy Life, Collective Soul
Beautiful World. Colin Hay
Dracula From Houston, Butthole Surfers
Hooch, Everything
Good Time, Leroy
Sun Comes Up, John Legend
Kiss Me, Sixpence None The Richer
Ordinary Morning, Sheryl Crow
Shoop Shoop Song, Cher
Return To Innocence, Enigma
Lazy Days, Enya
Get Out the Map, Indigo Girls
Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield
Steal My Sunshine Len
Higher Love, Steve Winwood
Beautiful Day, U2

10.  Oh, um.  Did I mention I'm doing a trail mountain marathon in less than 2 weeks? It goes up to 10000 feet, too, I think.  Should be pretty interesting to see how I come out on this, considering my lack of training this semester.

9.  Wednesday morning, I had a great run.  It a mile.  Yeah.  THAT'LL get me ready for that marathon!  I don't care.  I squeezed it in.

8.  Tuesday I slew (slayed?  slaid?) an evil corporate dragon; the medicaid aminstrator in our state has a doctor who approves or disproves payments, and they want to reject a request I made to get help for a mentally ill teenager with a cognitive disability.  (how do you decide to do that for your job? what rationalizations do you make?)  Anyway, he thought he could talk over me--big mistake.  few people can pull that off.  My recommendation was approved, but not without him nattering on and on about how unhappy he was about approving it.  I don't give a $#it.  I don't need to hear your feelings.  Go talk to your dog.  So anyway.  I'm feeling sassy about that.

7.  It's awfully handy having a computer nerd for a son.  I asked him for the mp3s to a CD that is no longer being produced, and he had it for me within a few hours.  I don't ask questions about where, or how.  Remember: plausible deniability.  

6.  This weekend, for Mother's day, I'm going to do the Jay Benson spring triathlon for the 4th time.  It's here in town. It's one of my favorites.  Here's how well-trained the Army turned out Sweet Face, my oldest, I asked him, "What are you doing on Mother's Day?" and he responded, "Um, whatever you tell me to do."  Good boy.  So I told him, "you're going to come cheer for me at a local triathlon and meet our trigeek friends."

5.  Sweet Baboo's knee.  Tuesday night, I was shopping for wine after finishing my final exam, when our family doctor called - he called me because he had my number instead of Sweet Baboo's number - and gave him SB's number and then said, "Hey, are you allowed to tell me the results of his MRI?"

Baboo and I spent quite some time staring at pictures of his MRI sent home on a CD from the place.  It's like a Rorschach ink blot test.  It reminds of when I had sonograms of my kids.  What?  an arm?  whatever you say do.  

Anyway.  He's been our doctor for a decade, so he knows us both pretty he told me that Baboo bruised his bone.  I didn't know you could do that...but if anyone can do anything exotic or unexpected to his body, it would be Baboo.  So, anyway, he said: Lay off the running for a couple months.  As if.

So of course Sweet Baboo heard the words "no tear" and "no damage to the meniscus" he was all happy and ready to get back to training again having completely blocked out the words "lay off the running for a while."  I'm torn between wanting him to truly rest and between sending his cranky ass back out onto the trails.  He hasn't been able to run for 2 weeks.  Maybe I'll make him run with me, which will force him to take it easy.  That seems like a good compromise.

4.  This Sunday, I $#it you not, as I was sitting inside, it started snowing outside.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I keep wanting to complain about the endless winter, but in truth, it's now become the endless spring. If we end up having lazy hot, horrid summer, I"m going to be pissed.

3.  Monday night I got a cryptic text from Courtney, who may have been drunk, or had a low blood sugar episode, or both.  Courtney has done a lot of mountain hikes with us and bike rides with me.  Anyway.  Her text said something about wanting to "do a run in the dark over the course where we almost died on the bike." at the end of August.  The only thing I can remember is the ride we did on South 14 from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, and I'm not doing that.  For one thing, it's 65 miles.  So I told her to start without me, and I'll catch up.

2. I've been very bad about logging WW for the past couple weeks.  I gained a pound.  Back to logging points.  I needed the break.  I spent it eating bad food, just the worst.  I'll spare you the gory details. But seriously.  The worse.  

1. Did I mention how happy I am to be done with this semester?  Ohhhh yaeahhhhhh.



  1. i was actually very coherent and had neither been drinking or having a low blood sugar...i did admit to having crazy thoughts though ;)

    you can be my very own personal SAG! I'll need support in the middle of the night while I'm running up and down hills...for 65 miles ;)

  2. That's great news! Welcome back! And thanks for the new songs - my 1p0d needed a pep-up :)

  3. Congrats on being done with finals. And on kicking some corporate butt. Happy Mother's Day -- enjoy your run!

  4. Atta girl! She's back! And looking quite gorgeous, I might add. Love the pic :)

    I must say that I am trying my best to not tell you "boo-f*&^ing-hoo" with a teenage-esque eyeroll, over your whole "one pound" weight gain after a semester of abject hell. Had it been been me going through all of that shit, you would have to butter the sides of the doors to get me out of buildings.

    I know it felt like crap, but you sure seemed to survive the semester like a champ! Congrats!

  5. Good luck at your tri this weekend! I look forward to hearing about it! And congrats on setting that administrator straight!

  6. Congrats on being finished! Must be a huge burden lifted from your shoulders!
    And I love your happy playlist!

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    LOVE the happy CD. And I hope he sits and rests...atleast alil bit..

  8. Glad to read it's coming together for you! Maybe I'll see you at Redman!!! I've registred for my first half!!!


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