Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loss and love and DNFs: Thursday 13.

Dear Diary,

13.  Since February, according to WeightWatchers, I've lost nearly 15 pounds.  I've been doing some training, so I feel pretty good that I've been replacing none-working flab with working muscle.  This adds up to :
waist -1.8 inches
arm -0.7 inch
hips -2.0 inches
bust -1.2 inches
thigh -2.0 inches
and one pants size.

So far, I feel better.  160 pounds is a good weight for me.  If I lose more, fine.  I'd liked to get down to what I was ten years ago when I married Sweet Baboo: 145 pounds.  That's 15 pounds away.  I think that's reasonable for my 5'6" frame.  It's a good weight for hauling up and down mountains without getting too cold.

12.  Well, of course I'm going to try to do the 50K again.  Have I ever let you down?  It's my A race for next year.  i hate DNFs. They're like a sentence without a period on the end.

11.  JUST SO YOU KNOW: This monday, memorial day, is an all-day Hoarders marathon.  Check your local listings.  WOOT!  There is not a single other show that I can watch that makes me feel good about my housekeeping these days.  I can sit there, snort, and say, Well at least I'm not THAT guy.

10.  I do self-experiments, so here's my experiement for the next month:  I've gotten into the habit of having a glass or two of wine most nights.  It occured to me that this might be why I'm having problems getting rid of this gut fat.  My experiment is that I'll only have wine 1-2 days a week.  I'll let you know how it goes.

9.  I found this thing on Amazon: It's a presto PowerPot microwave popper.  No oil.  I love this thing.  You have to put little inserts in it that are refillable, but they last me through several batches.

8.  I hate Ca$h just a little less this week.  What I've done is indulged in a Buddhist letting go of his half of the yard.  It isn't there.  It doesn't exist.  Thus, I cannot be upset when what isn't there is chewed on and dug up and crapped all over. 

7.  But while we're on the subject, I got an idea off the internet.  I put a little of Jake's ahem poop in 3 holes he keeps digging, and then replaced the dirt.  He hasn't touched those holes since. 

6.  With respect to the lost inches, above, I'll be hitting the consignment stores soon. My clothes don't fit. This is complicated by the fact that I don't have much of a summer wardrobe to begin with, being as I didn't work for 10 summers in a row.  It's not for lack of clothes: you'll recall the policeman who said, while investigating our break-in in February, "gosh, they totally trashed this side of the closet."
This monday, I'm going to "shop my closet" and create three piles:
1.  I'll never wear this again, and it needs to go to someone who will
2.  I'll wear this again, but it needs to be altered
3.  I can wear this now.
The plan is that I'll have clothes that I can wear.

5.  I've decided I have to find another job.  Not because they treat me badly here, because they treat me wonderfully.  Not because I hate my job, because I love it.  It's the best job I've ever had.
No, what it boils down to is the lowest pay I've had since getting out of college.  I was making way more as a high school teacher, AND I had 3 months of vaca a year.
Like I told DP earlier this week, if I can't get my hair done, all bets are off.  Of course, when I say "all best are off" that means I may go back to teaching for a while until I can find a decent-paying job in mental health.  It's not like I'm leaving human service work permanently.

4.  I just found out that a local triathlon, due to construction, is going to be an aquathon this year.  7K run, 400 meter swim, 5k run.  BLISSSSSSS!  

3. Meanwhile, I was asked if I'm going to do the Santa Fe triathlon this year.  I am not.  The Santa Fe triathlon does not recognize the Athena or Clydesdale category, so I don't recognize them.

2.  This weekend herself the Elf is celebrating her 29th birthday, so I've agreed to do 3 Boulevard loops (75 miles total) with her.  So, I'll be doing three 1000-foot climbs and three 1000-foot descents.  I'll post the profile when I'm done.  My next race is a sprint, in a week or so.

1.  My therapist has prescribed "worry runs" for me.  The idea being, I put off I worrying except for once a day when I schedule a time to run and worry, for about one or two miles.  I tried one yesterday.  It turns out that I don't think of much when I run.  I'm pretty n the moment.  There's not time to worry.  In all like, should I run up there?  How about over there?  I think I'll run downhill for a while.  Oh, there's some people.  I have to speed up and look fast until I pass them.  
So maybe the point to the exercise is just to practice puting aside worrying.  Which, in itself, is useful, especially if it's unproductive worrying.  Hmm.



  1. Great Thursday thirteen. I must be in the exact place you are in a lot of areas because it really resonated with me. Except I am not at the I need new clothes stage yet in my weightloss...*sigh* I know, progress...

    OMG!! I LOVE hoarders! (Ok, for EXACTLY the same reason) but I love that show. My husband walks by shakes his head, muttering "why don't they just tranq' those people and throw all that shit out?"

    I know he is thinking that I totally have hoarder potential. Fortunately for me, if something has not been used around my house for more than 2 weeks he will sell it on eBay. Minimalist + hoarder = livable space in home.

  2. I love hoarders too. It is such a train wreck. There is a hoarder at my work, I've seen her car. OMG! It is stuffed full just enough room for her to get in the driver's seat.
    Good work on the weight loss. I am hoping that my stable weight means I am shifting to more muscle than fat. We'll see.....

  3. which one is going to be run-swim-run? i think I need to sign up for that...


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