Friday, October 28, 2011

New goals

Dear Diary,

I need some goals, now that the year is winding down. Here are a few:

13. Lose the ten pounds (I still insist that this is at least partly high sodium water weight)

Yep....any day now...I'll just piss it all away.

Any day now.

12. Get up at five am on weekdays and do some kind of exercise for at least an hour.

11. 26 minute 5k.

10. 59 minute 10k

9. PR at the San Antonio rock and roll marathon.

Thats it for goals right now.

8. Blind kitten update: at first, her eyes seemed to be stuck shut. Now they are opened, although she still seems to be blind and her actual eyes are kind of dead looking. At first, She refused to eat. Now she is lapping up formula and nibbling at kibble. She went from barely moving to doing a few leaps in the yard and exploring. At I write this she is lying next to me, attacking my arm. We will be takng her to the vet to have her checked out some time this week. She has a crate with a soft towel in it, and under the crate is a heating pad. I move the crate around the house. i do stuff so she can hear me.

7. Update 2: she tested negative for kitty diseases, got her first shot, did you know there are veterinary opthamologists? Me neither. She'll be seeing one soon. By Tuesday, she was eating some solid food and was up to three teasoons of formula every four or five hours.
(It is a truth universal that a large vet bill will occur something in the 2 months before Christmas.)
By Friday, she was eating her way into a coma.  I can no longer feel her ribs.  She has that round kitten belly, and she's scampering, somersaulting, leaping around, and acting silly.  Just like a proper kitteh.

Those are not my hairy legs.  

And bumps into things. Poor blind kitteh.

6. Monday morning I got up at five, fed Stevie Wonder (that's what I'm calling her right now, because she just moves her poor, blind little face around, following the sound of me walking, moving, and talking.) then I got dressed, got on the treadmill, and ran like hell for about eleven minites. The rest of the day, I had no pain at all in my ankle. None.

5. Announcing. New Mexico's newst ultra: the Mount Taylor 50K Run.  Y'all come.

4. A big middle finger to the photographer at the Point Defiance 50K who took my picture limping painfully into the the end of the 2nd loop.  And then sent me a notice letting me know, YOUR PICTURES FROM THE DEFIANCE 50K ARE READY!
Take that, ankle.
ps: Sweet Baboo was, like, 18th overall, and 2nd in his age group.  BOOyah.  It's very satisfying, I must say, to live with someone studly and fast.  Since, you know, I"m not.  I can have my daily brush with greatness that way.

3. I went out and did a hilly three mile run. No pain from ankle. None. After, I wrote the alphabet with. My big toe. The next morning, NO PAIN.

2. I am considering another Ironman. The Outlaws peeps are chompin' at the bit to do another race as a team and after all, we are multisport, not just running.

1. So, here is an observation that I have about Seattle. Actually, it's more of a question.  So here it is.

where do you folks keep all your fat people?

Seriously, the whole time I was there I saw maybe four people who I could honestly say were obese. That's a huge change from where I live now. This wasn't just Seattle, I noticed it in Bellingham as well.

Any thoughts?



  1. Great job on the run on rehabed ankle. Which IM are you considering? I WAS thinking about St. George or Full Vineman but not sure.

  2. Aww, that guy probably thought he was shooting a miraculous finish from a newbie, not advertising what seems to be an embarrssing shot to you. Somewhere there is a photographer patting himself on the back for getting such a hard won finish. Lol!

  3. I say this with credibility, as a Seattle transplant to Oregon. The fat people are down south...

    And why don't those stupid race photogs delete the bad photos? Really, we're going to buy the bad ones? I had the same problem in my last half. Filter, people!

  4. But, the fat people make me look skinny, right?

  5. I didn't get fat until I moved from Bellingham to, um, Texas. Sometimes the stereotypes are true. I walked up and down that big hill the university is on - all day. Walked to classes, walked home, walked downtown to have beer at night, walked home. I think that was a big part of it for me. Hill walking all day, every day.

  6. I'm getting worried about you. You haven't posted in a long time... Are you ok?


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