Friday, October 26, 2007

10 things to be happy about.

1. I figured out I can sit on the ice pack at an angle; I don't have to put it between my legs.

2. I love my hairstylist. For about 7 years now, I see Tammy every 6 weeks, and every 6 weeks I'm happy. She's also honest: She tells me if my idea for my hair is a bad one.

3. I have the day off today. Baboo and I are going to go see a movie.

4. I'd rather have an injury from hill running at 5100 feet than an injury from being too fat and out of shape to make it up the stairs. Plus, it's an injury found in distance runners and not some kind of ballerina injury.

5. Britney Spears' new album is, apparently, a hit. (I know we've all been worried about that.)

6. Best husband evar is pretty close to having a 1 in front of his weight for the first time since high school. I'm really happy for him. How does one celebrate losing a total of 60 pounds? Eating a lot of food? Women celebrate by buying clothes.
What do men do?

7. My teenager could be stealing money for drugs, instead of just wiping out my stash of toaster streudel. And clif bars.

8. Sure, I'm stressed at work, but at least I have a job.

9. My new admin is kind of strange in a mostly good way. She's real big on the "high five" thing, and super enthusiastic. She's also a runner, which makes me feel less like a freak.

10. I've found almost everything I've lost this month. i've got 3 of my 4 pairs of glasses, i know where my Garmin is (and it's not under the wheel of my car) and I'm just about packed for Soma.



  1. Very nice post- I love counting my blessings although I don't usually include Britney... :)

    Good luck at Soma!

    high five!!

  2. Not sure how #5 factors in as something to be happy about.

    Have fun at SOMA

  3. #9 BTDT and the small things in life are sometimes the most rewarding! :-)

  4. Good luck this weekend!

  5. You will be right in my neck of the woods. Enjoy your weekend at SOMA.

  6. go kick some ass in AZ yahoo cant wait to hear about it all!

  7. Have a great weekend at Soma.

  8. What a happy list :)
    Love the photo LOL
    Have fun at SOMA

  9. OK, well the picture made me spit diet coke ALL OVER THE PLACE! Funny.
    Good kids are a blessing. I am lucky that mine are behaving too.

  10. Glad to hear about all the good in your life. You deserve it. I loved the one
    about "its a distance injury, not a balerina injury". Is S Baboo jelous.

  11. Best of luck at SOMA.

    (What movie did you see?)

  12. men celebrate lifes little victories quietly and without much fanfare. Accordingly, when Sweetness comes home with that brand new convertible 'Vette, don't make a fuss or even, pretend not to notice, so as to avoid spoiling the nature of the "non-celebration"...

  13. 10 really great things!! You are blessed my dear. ;)


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