Sunday, October 21, 2007

Accountability and dieting drivel.

Today's weight: 158 lbs. Here's data for the past two weeks or so. A few slip ups, but overall, I've done well. My new breakfast indulgance is a strawberry creme cheese toaster streudel, but only on exercise days, and I skip the icing.

Favorite Food of the week. Try this: 3/4 cup of Better'n Eggs, which are much cheaper than egg beaters, mixed with roasted pepper, garlic and onions and 1/4 cup of fat free shredded cheddar. After cooking, a dollup of Salso Roja roasted red salsa medium (or green chili sauce) and a dollup of fat-free sour creme. Oh. My. God.

I've decided on The Runner's Diet, (you can read a little bit about it here or buy the book)which advocates a 25-25-50 split of calories, but I can't really hit on that until after Soma. It's fat-burning diet, which I kinda need. For my off season (November and December) I'll be run and swim focused, with weight training and spin classes replacing long rides, punctuated which occasional looks of hatred at my bike.
[I was traumatized by IM-LooAvul. 112 miles of sore ass will do that to ya.]

Hey. speaking of sore ass, why is it you can't type almost anything into Google image search without getting miles of porn?

Okay. Now that all the guys are gone, well Ladies, Pirate has purchased for me a gel seat and I'm going to be using Sportslick (stuff does NOT go away) for this Saturday. Cross your fingers for a pleasant ride. Believe me, I do not like talking about my ladyparts in public. I only do it in the hopes that 1) it will help someone like me, and/or 2) someone can help me. Okay. Enough about ladie issues today.

As for this winter, I do want to do spin classes though. We're a mile above sea level, which means that summer ends dramatically with all manner of wind and chill and, of course, (all together, now,) looks of hatred at my bike, because winter in the high desert means that not only does the bike hurt like hell, but it's cold out, too.

Now, gather 'round and prepare to join me in the insanity that Sweet Baboo has inspired. He gets to join the marathon maniacs because he did 3 marathons in 3 months. I, of course, am insanely jealous; I want to be a marathon maniac. He already gets to lord it over me that he has Ph.D. and I don't*, so I'll be doing one in January, February, and March (see my updated race plan for 2008 on the left) at my usual blazing "speed of smell" pace. This will result in no less than 5 marathons in 2008, including the one at the end of Ironman CDA.

Of course, this will give me an excuse to go crazy at RunningFunky, where I can get all sorts of crazy running apparel, including gators and a matching headscarf! Yay! And, shopping for trail shoes! Yay! Look for a new post soon: "Gear whore hits the trails!" Yay!

Completely, well, not completely unrelated, Pirate sent me this link to a place where you can get custom made swimsuits with all sorts of crazy patterns. (She was kind enough to point out to me at the gym that my swim suit was nearly clear in the back. I hadn't realized how bad it was.) But back to the Splish website. As for the silicone caps, though, I can't decide between the one that says "Eat my bubbles," or, "Swim Diva." For the suits, I think this one is my must have, although Pink Bling is a close second. I'd put the picture in here, but my computer is low on resources and wants me to reboot in order to do that.

6-1/2 days until Soma. Yikes.

*Not really. I just added that dramatic effect.


  1. I'm sure we could come up with a cool lady outlaws swimmy suit, no? Just for fun? Perhaps for racing? I like that one with the pink and white with the big skull & crossbones on it.

  2. The pink bunny suit and matching cap are SO CUTE! Too bad my swim speed is better suited for the turtle attire.

    Instead of spin classes, have you considered Coach Troy's Spinervals videos? They're much more convenient and better suited to triathlon and cycling than a gym spin class. Plus, Coach Troy is kinda cute!

  3. ThePilgrims ARE maniacs. I've never heard of people who race like you guys. Very impressive.

  4. Wow! You packed a lot of info in a relativley short post. I'm going to give the Runner's Diet a try. Thanks!

  5. *You* are a running fool.

    I'm impressed!

  6. Great breakfast recipe!!!


    (ps. my weight goal for IMLOU2 is to be 2 lbs heavier than you are right now and that means losing over 20... wish I was you!)

  7. Thanks for the recipe and the link to

    Good look at Soma.

    Stay tuned...

  8. I heart the pink Flames Splish suit. I keep looking at it but can't decide if once it were actually on it would look like flames shooting out of my crotch..... which is probably a dealbreaker.... but its cute.
    What do you use to create your graphs?

  9. Good Luck...and I really like sportslick. LUV IT. Here's to protected hoo hoos!


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