Friday, October 05, 2007

More prep for the off season goals.

So, they don't call me GeekGirl for nothin'. When I was working on my first master's degree, I loved my statistics class. I loved my research class. Wanted to marry my research class.
I especially love 'elegant' social science research studies, those very simple experiments that have powerful and compelling results.

E.g., this study, which was reported on CNN: where they painted chips red and watched how it affected people with the munchies.

I totally dig this! I found that whenever I pull a handfull of stuff out and put it into a bowl, I'll eat it until it's gone...and then that's it. But if I eat out of a bag, I'll eat the bag until it's gone. I just become this mindless automaton, digging handfuls out of whatever and then munching it...digging and munching...digging and munching....

So I headed for WalMart tonight and got another refill of snacks for keeping at work, my last 2-month supply having run out. If I don't have something there, I will lose my willpower and head for the school cafeteria. And you know where that leads. Nachos, cheese pizza, little debbie nutty buddies (otherwise known as, "food of the gods")...

I also picked up some Southwestern egg beaters, on advice from J-Wim, and will be trying it tomorrow. I'd already tried the Vegetable (it has bells peppers and onions in it, yum) and been eating 2-serving little "omelets" which are actually more like flavored scrambled eggs in a cup that I zap, for about 100 calories.

2 minutes in the microwave, 2 minutes to cool down, and I've got breakfasty goodness I can nosh on while I put on my makeup. I finish off with a nutrigrain cereal bar and finish with either coffee or sugar free.

(And, nooooooo, I'm not interested in hearing your opinion on the evils of caffein, no matter how well intended. I love caffein. I may start a caffein cult. It would be called "M-M-M-M-M-MORNING~!" or something like that.)
But anyway.

So the thing is, the little 100-calorie packs? Work. They totally work, at least for me, anyway. Everyone's different.

Pirate has agreed to be my Accountability Czar and I'm probably going to be following the "Body for Life" thing for the winter (My goal: strength training, lower bodyfat ratio, so that even if I weigh the same, at least what I've got is working tissue instead of jiggly, floating in the bathtub tissue) Baboo used to have this job, but I think it's unduly burdensome for him to be in that role. It's a dual role thing...ethical conflict...those of you who are involved in behavioral health understand...

I use a program called LifeForm, which I love. It's cheap and easy, as all good software should be. It doesn't nag. It just lets you record things and best of ALL, it gives you a way to make all kinds of graphs.

What GeekGirl wouldn't love that?

So, here's today's graph:



  1. Best wishes.

    What kind of snacks to you eat at work? I need to work on my at-work eating habits too; I think that is contibuting to my tummy flab.

  2. There is no way you can fail with all those numbers and graphs and whatnots on your side (& can I hire you for my thesis data analysis in a month or so?)

  3. I am amazed at how many blogs I am reading that are talking about weight loss including mine. Through the Wall has a challenge starting monday. You can link in on my blog to Iron Wil.

    Thanks for that web site for tracking. I love the breakdown

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Cool, now you've motivated me to get back on the Body for Life program. The weight training makes a big difference for me. Also, if I don't pay attention to what I'm eating, it's carb-city for me.

    Heh, I tried to give up coffee once...not a good thing!

  5. Coffee,coffee,coffee. I love coffee. Coffee IS god.

    Sometimes I eat chocolate soy milk with cheerios instead of cake or other dessert.

  6. Caffeine is my friend too. You have to have a vice and Diet Coke with Lime is mine.

  7. Caffeine actually helps burn fat...especially if it's taken before a workout. I can't live without my morning coffee before my morning run....can't live without it. Was "hooked" the first time I was allowed to have coffee at my grandma's when the mailman came in from three feet of snow to get warm....ahh, great memories. snacks...little carrots, lite yogurt, pretzels. If that's all you bring, believe me you will eat them...and feel full afterwards. Do you like Edamame beans? They are great and filling too...just don't eat all this stuff and think you are going to go for a five miler the next morning without stopping a couple times! (Plan your pit stop route after high fiber!) :-)

  8. I add my support for CAFFEINE!! I even digest it in pill form before workouts!

  9. I'm falling in love with all forms of the little 100 calorie packs. They're stupidly expensive but I love that they keep me honest when I'm having a moment of weakness.

  10. Athena...GeekGirl...honey...I'd tell you how fabulous your blog is but...gasp...I can't stop laughing!! As a fellow veg-head, I feel your pain and suffering on the low guilt threshold. Nothing with a face, man. And as an employee of our magnificent school system, well, I, know. Sometimes there simply aren't words.

    I'll be stopping by again. :-)

  11. Anonymous10:34 PM

    GeekGirl! I LOVE your blog! I've been reading it for a few months now and have decided to set you as my home page! A good way to start the day! Anyhow, congrats on your new "food plan" sounds like you have a plan nailed down. Question..what is the cool software you are using to plot all your food? I'm as obsessive as you and I'd love to get my hands on that!


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