Monday, October 22, 2007

Bitchy and moody.

The opening to Kashmir by Led Zepelin makes a really horrible ring tone. I know this now because I heard it several times yesterday. Sure, it seems like a cool idea, but reality is often a kick in the ass.

The More You Know.

Today was the first of several days almost designed to make me bitchy. First, after work I waited for a parent-teacher conference attendee who did not show up.

Then I went to NM Highlands U so that my prof could pointedly remind me, with barely concealed digust, that my title page was still not in proper APA format (because the title was not vertically centered, and because I had supressed the page number on the first page) and, just generally rip apart my paper.

I suppose it is possible that some future client will ask me, Before I decide to make you my therapist, I have to know: Are you well versed in APA format? Because I just can't do therapy with someone who has title pages that are in some other, lesser format.

Another benefit of the meeting is that it's always useful for me to get lots of negative messages so that I can remind myself of how much I suck.
Because, you know, there just aren't enough opportunities for one to be reminded.

Oh, and guess what. The paper is due MONDAY. It's due MONDAY.

So much for Friday off.

I'm cranky.

Also, I'd forgotten to eat most of my 11-hour day. I wasn't hungry, of course, but I was bitchy and moody. And sarcastic. (Sorry, Sweet Baboo) Turns out I only had about 700 calories today. Not. Good.

Hmmm. bitchy, moody, with low blood sugar: Gosh, it's just like being a teenager again! without the boyfriend drama and the chain-smoking!

Oh, yesssssss. I was so cool. Me, my drama, and my scarred lungs. Were. Sooooo. Cooooool.

But anyway. Tomorrow I have 14 (yes, FOUR. TEEN.) conferences after school, in a marathon of another kind, from 2:30 to nearly 8:00 pm. I'm going to run first, and then pull a 13-hour day, and then go home and collapse.
6 days to Soma 70.3
Am I ready?



  1. Yes you are ready! We are ALL ready! Training is totally overrated and we are ready, damnit - we are!

    Now put down that cigaratte, young lady and clear your lungs. You have a race on Sunday.

    EAT, WOMAN, EAT!!!
    *slaps self on head, gets a grip*
    You can do it! You'll kick arse! Seriously, though, do eat.

  3. How the heck does anyone "forget to eat"?? I can't relate. :-)

    Good luck at SOMA!!!!

  4. APA format..... I am sooooooo glad that I do not have to write one more paper in APA. Unless of course I want to and then purely for my own enjoyment.
    It's kinda fun a sick perverse way. Unless there is a deadline. Because I could most definitly keep finding things to reformat every time I re-read my papers. Even when I think I am finished.

    Happy thoughts to you for Soma, enjoy yourself!

  5. I SO do not wish I was you. :(

  6. Acck! You need a Xanax to deal with that many conferences. SOMA will be a pleasure after that!

  7. You just made me want to go to bed's 6:20!
    Hang in there are an IRON teacher!

  8. Hi Geek Girl,
    I don't know if you're writing your thesis or dissertation....either way, I feel for ya! Don't let the bastards get you down. They think it's their job to find everything wrong with what you offer them. The way they see it, there wouldn't be any point in giving you praise because then you wouldn't focus on getting better. I write this with authority because I've been through the process myself and I was one of "them" for a while. Hang in there, it WILL get done and you can leave it all behind.
    BTW, I REALLY enjoy your blog. It's very funny and inspiring. I started running in March (at 43!) and on the days I don't want to get out there, what you're doing puts my whining in perspective. Thanks!


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