Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things I just happen to know today.

1. They opened up a limited number of parking spots visitor's lot at my school for teachers. First come, first served. This is HUGE because it means I can haul my crap a much shorter distance to the classroom I don't have. So I speed in every morning to get one of these highly coveted spots. It is, at the same time, pathetic, because it means that my major perks are now a parking spot and a padded chair.

2. I'm SOOOOO not ready for Soma next weekend. I haven't been able to stay on a bike more than 40 miles at a stretch without getting completely bored, and besides, my ladyparts hurt all over again. The only thing that helps me with that is estrogen creme. But estrogen is a performance reducer, and packs on fat. So my choices are between thickening and moistening up the skin in, um, the area of interest, which makes cycling more pleasant but adds extra bodyfat and slows me down, or skip the estrogen and have a very sore hoo-hoo. I haven't decided yet. I was hoping to beat last year's time, but hope is fading. I just want to beat the cutoff.

3. I've bought a motherboard for Sweet Baboo's computer. Now I've gone and done it.

4. Now that I'm in my 40's, I don't lose pounds per week. I lose ounces per month. Being in my 40's sucks.

5. My arm hurts. Yesterday it was my lats. Today it's my bicep. The upper body stuff is new to me; on Pirate's recommendation I'm working on the assisted pullup and assisted dip thingy, and various other exercises. I can only describe them as bicept cable thingies, tricep pull-down thingies, and various bendy things on a half ball thingy. As I said, I'm new to this.

So my upper body workout goes like this: I walk over to a machine, say, the assisted dip/pullup thingy, all butch in my tank top, bandana, and m-dot tat. I set it on nearly the most assistance one can possibly get (because I'm just a T-rex. You know the ones, they have a huge rear end and legs and tiny little noodle arms? Yep, that's me.)
So, after I struggle through half of them, stop for a little while, panting, and struggle through the other half until my vision is sparkly and I feel dizzy, I get down. I drink some water and do some assisted pushups, because damned if I can do the "real" ones.
Meanwhile the 70-year old woman who's been knitting takes the machine I've abandoned, resetting it with far less assistance/more weight.
Last night I tried to swim. Nungh-unh. I did about 10oo meters and quit, because my arms were just trashed.

6. I'm enjoying my hills runs. I've started running hills around where I live. I miss the flat, beautiful bosque, but I think the hills will be good for me. My legs hurt like hell for a couple hours afterward, but then that fades and I just walk stiffly for a couple days. The mornings are crisp (30's and 40's) and it's awesome.

7. My students asked me how old I was this week, so I told them. The look of horror on their face when I said, "forty-two and a half" was priceless. As though I told them I had leprosy. One of them finally said, "Gawd, you're older than my mother!"

8. Tomorrow I'm headed over to Pirate's house of illness to do some spinning and get some saddle time in and watch a movie. Sweet baboo is worried about the illness thing, but I work around teenage germ factories all day so I'm pretty sure my blood serum is about 99% antibodies. I'll be fine. And if not, I'll have a ready-made excuse for doing poorly at Soma.


  1. You TOLD them how old you are? You are soooo good at warping young minds, mwahahaha.
    Good luck with the, er, ladyparts thing

  2. You probably already know about these, but for your "hoo hoo" problem, aren't there super-padded shorts and / or a bike seat with a special cut-out in the area of interest? Have you tried either of those? Do they work? Just a thought.

  3. I'm with you concerning the aging vs weight loss thing. I can train like a madman and still gain weight.

  4. couple of things about your ladypart issues. apparently some people have "thin skin" down there. my doctor prescribed some creme (not estrogen) that helps thicken up that area - let me know if you want the name of it!

    also - have you tried aquaphor? lots and lots of aquaphor down there helps tremendously. that's what i use and i just slather it on like crazy and i haven't had any problems lately.

    hope to meet you at soma - i'll have stronger and 21centurymom with me!

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I bet all the upper body work will pay off. I need to start that up again. It's a pain, but it makes a difference.

  6. Very cute pics you picked for this post... and the padded chair/parking spot quote is classic.

  7. I am right there with ya on the upper body weight machine thingy, almost could've written that blurb myself, down to the 92 lb. 70-yr-old.

    I'm so late to this party, but have you ever tried Assos chamois cream or Butt Butter? I like Assos -- has witch hazel in it, thus a numbing effect.

    One of my training partners has hoo haa issues, and she got a new saddle specifically for women...Specialized something. I'll ask her. It's the only thing that has worked for her.

    Finally, VS (versus) is airing IM Lou in 11/18 and 11/21 at 4 PM Eastern!!!

  8. The forties are good for many things ... weight loss not usually among them.

    A contemporary of mine and I had the "I put on 10 pounds and can't get it all off" conversation in the shower after masters practice last week. Hormones are not always our friends ...

  9. yep - age and weight, they are NOT proportional to life, why do the young ones get all the great bodies when they're (most of them) too dumb to really know what to do with them, as we age and become wiser and more experienced...we should inherit the great bods, wtf?

  10. good luck at SOMA. I'll look for you. Do you know your bib #, yet?

  11. It's not how old you are but how old you feel. Some days I go by my chronological age and some days I feel 25. Oh and it can change during the day, at any time at my discretion.

  12. I wished that I didn't know how old you were. I kept telling Mr. Tea that you were younger than me, so OF COURSE YOU would finish an IM.

    Dammit, the stakes just went up.

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  14. I'm glad to hear your doing some upper body weights. It will improve your swim &
    your matabolism. I think. I pretend I know, is it convincing?


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