Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh, Well.

So, the people weren't ready to accept our price. They counter offered with a price that was still about 40% above market value. Their agent sent us several comps to justify what they were asking, but all her comps were custom homes, and this is a nicely updated late 80s tract home. Big difference. We said no. Their "counter" was pretty ridiculous. They'll sell it, eventually, but probably not for that price. Meanwhile, they'll be paying utilities and payments. More power to them.

So, we'll keep looking around. We are still getting this house ready for an eventual transition, and that includes 2 estimates each from roofing companies (we have a couple of broken roof tiles, no leaking or anything), and some painting and other odds and ends. Today will be a parade of workers trooping in and out to provide estimates. One of them will be answering the burning question: why is there water in the bottom of my dishwasher AND my refrigerator?

I know that appliances, "aren't made like they used to be" but these are 4 years old. I suspect that the fact that Mini-Baboo's main chores are kitchen-based this has something to do with all this. For instance, he made eggs while cleaning the kitchen, in the microwave. Didn't put anything over them. They splattered all over, and then he just left the bowl and splattered egg in their to dry. And don't get my started on his bathroom. Teenaged boys, I'm sorry to say, are disgusting. But you know, it's all good: just 6 more months and then it's "Anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh!"

Weight: 168
Mood: Cranky.
Other stuff: My back hurts and I feel old.


  1. Does your son clean at my house too?
    I have many of the same cleaning issues and no one ever seems to have done it.... Especially the 2 most disgusting bathrooms on earth.
    Sorry about the house. It just means there is still a more perfect one out there you don't even know about yet!

  2. First, sorry bout' the house falling through...

    Second, I have a nine year old boy, can they eventually make it in the toilet?

    Third, you make me smile.....

    Finally, hopefully for about 5 secs. I took you out of your cranky mood. :)

    I enjoy your blog, how's that?

  3. Sorry you didn't get the dream house! Bummer....

  4. You will find the perfect house!!

    I am glad to catch up on some blog reading it has been a while.


  5. We may have already. And no, they don't ever make it consistently to the toilet, if evidence has anything to say about it. Of course, my son would claim it was the cats.


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