Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In which I'm not a big fat lazy butt. UPDATED

Okay, so I've just been running just a tiny bit for the past 2 or 3 months. Okay, well other than the Colorado Relay. oh, and the 50K I did a couple weeks later. Other than that, I mean. I just haven't been doing steady running. There aren't any trails around where I live now, and most of my evenings aren't free. So, mostly, I've been sitting around puttin on fat. Or losing muscle. Or something. All I know is my pants are tighter.

The past week or so I finally feel like my leg is healed. There is still actually a tender spot that I can poke with my finger on the front of my shin down near the foot, but when I walk, even in heels, I don't feel it any more.

So tomorrow morning, I'm going to get up and do a 5K run around the neighborhood streets. Hoping to find my ipod and head out on a training run, around my neighborhood. I've been putting this off because I'm worried that it will just hurt like hell. Again.

So, we'll see how things go.
Next day, 1:04 pm. Okay, so I didn't do the morning run, in the cold and dark. I did, however, do a noon run. I decided late before I went to bed that it made more sense to run in the daylight after it had warmed up a bit. I changed in my office and hobbled out on a run that was mostly blacktop, with some trail off to the side.

Msr. GarMEAN says that I ran 2.81 miles. I ran 1-1/2 loops around the 1500 meter blacktop track out front, and then out and down the boulevard and back on a blacktop path. It hurt like hell, too, but not necessarily because of any injury: it felt mostly like I have some very, very stiff legs. I walked a bit here and there, but what the hell, I did it. I got off my widening butt and did something to keep it from getting wider.

AND I answered my own question: can I work out at noon without being thoroughly whipped or (what's worse) disgusting and stinky for the rest of the day? Answer: yes, I can. I can work out and still be productive and avoid stuffing my face with impulse foods from the Canteen or the Exchange.

In other news
, there is this guy at work, an older guy who I think is one of the building engineers, who is very nice. He walks by my office every morning and says, cheerily, SMILE!

At first it was charming, and I laughed. Sometimes I waved at him.

After hearing it every day, though, the charm started to wear off.

Now I've heard someone yell, SMILE!! appoximately 24 times at about 7:55 am every week day.

I think I may actually hate the man now.



  1. Good luck! I hope you have a very nice run...

  2. I hope your run goes well.

    If you don't mind looking ridiculous, you could also do racewalking as a cross-training activity. I did a lot of it in preparation for my first marathon after I developed bone stress in my fibula. My fibula healed and I was able to do run, not walk, my marathon. Something to consider if you have shin trouble again.

  3. Good Luck with your run!!! I hope you have ZERO pain!!!

  4. Here's hoping it's smooth sailing from here on in!

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Hope it went well :)

  6. Hopefully all went well, post your rundown.

  7. That whole "smile!" thing bugs me. It's like an order and maybe I don't FEEL like smiling.

    But it is well intentioned so you hating on the guy is off the table. Being super duper annoyed is perfectly okay, though. You know about the road to hell, right?

  8. haha @t the smiling sergeant!

    Very happy to read that your leg is feeling better! Great news, get back into it easy.

  9. Ah, familiarity breeds contempt.

    Did you more or less stiff as you ran? I find that I am often stiff for a mile, and on one memorably bad run I was stiff for the first 4 miles; that was really awful. But, it wears off and I feel better, until that night, when I feel stiff yet again.

    When do you move into the new house?

  10. Glad to hear your leg is feeling better! Good luck with the return to running.

    By the way, I know what you mean about the guy at your office. I think almost every office has one of those, and yes, I've wanted to cream them too... Is that bad?

  11. Ugh...I hate those guys, too.

    Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and tell you I am grateful for the times we could race together. (You were my first nemesis!) :^D

    Also, we may get to race together again at the Beach to Battleship tri along with VegTriathlete (she's my local training buddy -- it'll be her first 140.6).


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