Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random and not-so-random stuff.

1. Physical therapy. I've been doing this twice a week for a couple weeks now. It involves of "tissue work," electrostimulation therapy (I think that's what it's called, and I'm too lazy to look up the correct terminology) and showing me stretches, which I am to do twice or three times a day. I am prescribed exercises to work on my hamstrings, abductors, and lower abdominals (every other day). oh, and the foam roller, twice a day (vomit).

2. Diet. I had a revelation, ala Alcoholics Anonymous in which I realized I have two choices: eat what I want and be a heavy runner, or limit what I eat and be a lighter runner. I chose the latter because I suspect that the extra weight is hard on my feet and joints. As I much like my feet and joints, I have decided I have to make the choice and get serious about what I eat.

3. New house. We are living at the new house full time and now that we've had people come and go and fix various things wrong with it, I am now seeing my evenings starting to free up so that I can start doing short runs after work. Next week we go back to daylight savings time, which means more light at the end of the day--yippee!

I HEART the new house. It is cozy, which means far less space to lose things in. Also, no stairs. YAY. It behooves me to let you know how much Baboo has spoiled me in furnishing this house. Seriously. He has.

4. After the laptop that I bought from CircuitCrappy died for the last and final time, Baboo bought me a new one, because he is awesome, and because he spoils me rotten, far more than I deserve.

5. Spring Has Sprung. >Hack, wheeze, cough, snifffff<

...The National Weather Service in Albuquerque has issued a WindAdvisory... which is in effect from 9 am this morning to 6 PM MSTthis evening. A tight surface pressure gradient is expected to develop across the region today. This will result in strong west to southwestwinds of 30 to 35 mph with gusts approaching 55 mph...



  1. My wife's new laptop came yesterday. She loves it. More so, I think, than any jewelry I've bought her.

    Which either says something about my taste in jewelry or my taste in laptops.

    Congratulations on the new house!

  2. Can you tell me how to #2? I am struggling so badly with that right now (which is not to say that I ever do well with it) Intellectually, I know that more in than out means more "me" but I can't seem to get my "food chooser" to get with the program. Current obsession are those damn Mexican pastries (yes, even knowing that they are almost 100% lard) and McDonald's Cinnamelts...

  3. The Beck Diet Solution has this as one of its little reminders: "you can't have it both ways." i.e. you can eat this, or you can be thin. Not both. I am working on that (unsuccessfully) right now!

  4. uggh i need a new laptop! mine has been sucking lately. all i use it for is the freakin internet and the occasional spreadsheet, yet it freezes up allll the time! soo frustrating!!!

    congrats on the new house, very exciting. and i am welcoming spring, just not the allergies that come with it :(

  5. The good thing aobut choosing door #2 on the eating front is that what you want to eat changes over time. Those nachos from the convenience store and that kind of crap will eventually make you want to gak.


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