Friday, April 02, 2010

The Ironman Commeth: Friday Fourteen, the April Fools Edition.

14.  Oh, C'mon.  I'm disappointed nobody took me seriously.

13.  In the great tradition of, well let's face it, everything in my life, I'm now attempting to cram for Ironman St. George.
How does one do that, you ask.  Well, here's my first bike since last August.  Next week I'll be adding 25.  The following week, another 25.  I'm also doing Satan's spin class on Wednesday mornings.  I credit Satan with the fact that I was even able to pull of this ride, even as slow at it was.  

12.  Here's my road run training.  These are 3 loops near my house.  That way I can set up a little aid station on my front sidewalk.  Next week it will be 5 loops.  And then 7.  And then 9.  Then taper.  I also do one of these loops 3 days a week with the dogs, and I'll be trying to follow that with a second loop before heading in to work with a wet ponytail.

11.  Swimming: I'm going to be doing lat pull-downs every other day at work.  Lots of them.  For an hour.  On Mondays, I'll swim.  Then head into work with a wet ponytail.   If I can pull this off, it will be a honest-to-gawd miracle.  SRSLY.  Call the pope.  

10.  I have been attacked by pollen.  I feel like crap.  I can't run.  i can barely breathe.  Dammit.    

9.  I rearranged my living room this week.   

8.  I'm signed up for Ironman St. George on May 1, Jay Benson Sprint a week later, and then a week or so later the Jemez Mountain Trail Marathon.  I'm not sure why.  But I did.  
Courtney wants me to do a triathlon on May 29, but I think not.  I think I'll take that weekend off. 
Maybe I watch old movies all week.  
Or maybe I'll just sit and stare. 

6.  My kid arrived last week on Thursday night, flown back home by the Army, and moved into his own apartment the next day. He starts college this summer.  I don't know why it is so shocking that he seems so grown-up, after all when I was his age, I had three kids.   
In many ways, I envy him.  College was hard with three kids.  He won't have those distractions.  He has a little efficiency apartment a few miles down the bike path from the college.  His G.I. bill will provide a monthly stipend and all his tuition and books will be paid for.  Plus, with the passing of the new healthcare bill, we'll be able to put him on our insurance for another 18 months.  But the one thing I can't get over is this: I am old enough to have a kid that is old enough to drink.  WOW. 

5.  Weight: 167.  I've lost 11 lbs since starting weight-watchers in January.  I'm averaging about a pound a week.  Again, it's not about size, or appearance.  It's about having less butt to haul up and down hills.  I'm hoping to finish at IM-St. George, but I'm actually hoping to actually do well at the Redman in Oklahoma, because it will be my last Iron-distance triathlon.  
4.  Why hello insane Ironman training hunger, fatigue, and sweat!  I'd almost forgotten about you.
Almost.  Meet your new friends: graduate school exhaustion and 40-hour work week.  I'm sure you'll make great roommates.

3.  Speaking of dogs: The staring at me while I eat is getting old.  It was never cute.  But now it's just annoying.  

2.  Clicker training has started for Jake and Chloe.  Very excited about this.  So far, I've learned that I can make them sit before I feed them.  And they do.  (They picked that up real fast)   Two things I know today: Jake won't go for a run without Chloe.  And clickers don't work on cats.  

1.  I had to do a developmental assessment on a fictional character, a child, for a class.  I picked Eric Cartman.  


  1. I don't know if calling the Pope is a good idea at this point! ;) good luck with your training! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Dude, I'll call the pope! Are you serious? I signed up for Ride the Rockies, and was seriously considering dropping out because of overweight/undertraining issues. But if you can do this, then maybe I CAN do RtR. Wow! Again, Misty, thanks for the inspiration! You just go on with your bad self, girl!!

  3. Oh, please, please, PLEASE share your assessment of Cartman. Please? his version of "Come Sail Away" is my fav.


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