Friday, April 16, 2010

yeah, I know.

Why NOT drop out of Ironman St. George?  Why not? 

Well, because I have three special gifts, only one of which is relevant to this.  That special gift is an almost pathological stubbornness when it comes to finishing what I've started.  I paid an entry fee.  I have to show up. 

Last Saturday I did indeed head out on what was to be an epic "hill repeat" workout with *Courtney*. The plan for the day was three loops that involved going north on the boulevard near my house, which then turns west and drops about 1000 feet over 5 miles into the river valley, then return to start, which I call "the big grind" and repeat twice. With that, I figured I get three climbs in and about 70 miles.

Here's what actually happened:

It was two times, not the planned three, because as I crested the hill the second time, I realized that I'd headed out without sunscreen and had already probably guarenteed myself an unpleasant week. I was right. By that night I could not wear normal clothes, and my run the next day was scrapped because I couldn't put anything on that would touch my back, shoulders, or upper arms.

Which, for us gals, pretty much guarentees we can't go out in public without getting a citation, much less get in a 15 mile run. No bra = no running, don't even try to argue that point with me.  So, I spend the day wearing a soft shirt and working on sprinkler systems instead.
  • Monday, I wore the same cycling top I got burned in to work, covered by a light shrug. Nobody noticed.
  • Tuesday, I did nothing other than whimper, whine, and complain. Which is my 2nd special gift. 
  • Wednesday I did the last of Satan's spin class, and then did 1600 meters in the pool with paddles, then went to work. By Wednesday night, I was able to actually sleep on my back again.
  • Thursday I woke up and decided to have a weigh-in. Here in the GeekGirl household, there are strict rules for weigh-ins:
  1. no clothes
  2. first thing in the morning, before eating, drinking, or breathing too much.
  3. if at all possible, after visiting le toilette.
  4. It doesn't hurt to be a bit dehydrated.
I bumped up a pound or two during my sunburned pity party, but dropped back down again, so no weight loss this week. I'm holding steady at 164. ish.

This weekend, I will try to get in 4 climbs over at the big grind. I'll try to also do that planned 15 mile run, or more if I feel like it.  I'm not obsessive about my training like some people and like some other people, or even their friends but then again, they are much faster than me, so maybe they're right and I'm wrong. Maybe.

I'm not sure I'm going to do another Ironman after this year.  The training is grueling and time-consuming and cuts into my TV watching time.  We'll see. 



  1. I understand the "stubborn" talent. I too am blessed with that special talent and it has gotten me into some tight spots. But then again it has also gotten me a reputation as being the crazy biker, runner chick!

  2. That sunburn sounds like hell. St. George is on my calendar too--but 2011 or 2012. I can't cram for it unfortuantely--I need the remedial course.

  3. Good luck Misty! Cheering for you virtually!

  4. My latest blog post should be called either "I blame Misty" or "I wanna be like Misty". Or both

  5. That was one HOT weekend to forget your sunscreen---Ouch!
    I can't imagine doing the big T four times--Ugh!
    As for for your stubbornness: It's what makes you YOU, and what makes things happen--Yes!

    Good luck at IMSG, and see you out there one of these days (when the wind dies down, but before the Monsoons!)


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