Thursday, April 08, 2010


Wow. Well, on Thursday, I didn't have Internet at home.  So here's fourteen for Friday.

14.  We accidentally cut through our cable when putting in the fencing for cash.

13.  I'm tentatively happy to report that my weight loss seems to be increasing.  No lectures, please.  And, yes, I am eating and staying hydrated.  Today I woke up at 163.4 lbs, nearly 16 pounds down from where I started.  Although this seems like a lot, it is more like the weight loss that I used to be able to achieve when I was younger.  It may, or may not, have anything to do with all the 12-hour sudafed I've been eating because of my allergies. 

12.  Cash, the dog who channels Houdini (I'm in a good mood today so he's "cash" instead of "A$$hole dog") is contained for the moment.  Sweet Baboo discovered a hole in our defenses and filled it, and he's stayed in the yard ever since. 

11.  Chloe, the dog who channels Iditerod racing dogs, received a new gift yesterday: The Gentle Leader.  Click on that link.  Our little jog this morning was awesome. 

10.  Only 3 weeks until Ironman St. George.  Ulp.  Yesterday I did my 2 hour Satan's spin class, which I cut to 110 minutes so that I could jump in the pool.

9.  I pulled off about 1000 meters in a little under 30 minutes, which is appallingly slow (3 minutes per 100m, which translates to over 2 hours, but I wasn't hurrying.  I hadn't been in the pool but once since last fall, so I wanted to reintroduce my shoulders slowly.  My swims for the next few weeks will be using paddles and my Tempo trainer.  The Tempo trainer is legal in the swim at IMs, so I'll be taking it along to St. George. 

8. I am stressed, suffocating, and overwhelmed.  It seems like there is no portion of time in my waking hours that isn't promised to some other person or entity.  I know that I've done that to myself for the most part.  Still: stress.  Like I said a few days ago, it's the best diet ever.  But not good for training. 

7.  I am seriously looking forward the first week of may, because I will be done (or not) with IM St. George, so I can stop worrying about that either way, and I'll be done with the current semester. 

6.  I had no cable or Internet at home so I had to work on this during my lunch hour.  But then Wednesday and Thursday I got slammed at work and couldn't work on it.

5.  Thursday I had to turn in a short paper to a teacher who so far has not liked any of the short papers I've turned in.  I have a B in that class.  I've accepted this.

4. So I woke up at 163 pounds.  To put this in perspective, I was at 158 when I did Ironman Coeur D'Alene.  Do I think having lost weight will make up for a general lack of training?  I do not.  But I don't think it hurts, either.

3.  Spring is really here.  I'm very happy about that.

2.  In less than 4 weeks, I'll have my answer about whether or not I can pull off an Ironman by cramming for it.  I'll also be finished with my final exams.  Life will be glorious.  I can't even imagine a summer without being gone 3 nights a week.

1. So what was the first thing we watched when we got our cable restored?

was it a stimulating documentary?

was it an award winning movie?

was it mind food, guaranteed to fill our heads with knowledge?


It was Shrek 2.

and it was great.



  1. You won't get any judgment from me I almost NEVER watch stimulating documentaries, award winning movies, or mind food level TV. Plus Shrek is funny as hell!

    You are training like a fiend, it is no wonder your weight is dropping. I think it is evidence that your cramming is working :)If anyone can cram for an IM is it you.

    I have dropped 7 pounds so far and I can already tell in my running. I think the weight loss will definitely benefit you at St. George.

    I am super excited to read your report of the race.

  2. Oh and May is coming!

    It is like you are at mile 20 of a marathon, you still have some hard shit to go through but the end is in sight and you are going to make it.

    Then you have the summer to regroup.


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