Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boring, boring, boring. A boring Thursday 13 on vacashun.

13.  Yesterday morning I got up and did a quick trail run over a couple miles of trail next to the house.  I always hate the last run of the week, when I haven't run a few days.  My legs are tired and heavy.  Tomorrow will be better.

12.  Yesterday we also started installing the "invisible fence'.  I guess I'd have to say that the system works.  Jake is a little freaked out right now.  We'll do some more training tomorrow, but today he went trotting up into the barrier zone, and then when he tried to leave Chloe, who wasn't wearing a trainer collar, was cornering.  So he's yelping, and she's barking, and it's an ugly, ugly scene.  I brought him in, but he's a little freaked out right now.

11.  I'm using this time off to change out some of the hardware around the house.  The former owner, as I've mentioned before, desperately wished she lived in 19th century England.  So I'm busying myself this week changing out a couple of light fixtures and door hardware.

10.  I ordered a Pizza online from Dominos.  It was so cool!  I'm just saying.  Cool.

9.  Today a guy started fixing the door from the break-in in February.  After this, it will be like it never happened.  Almost.

8.  Jake was a little more cheerful today.  Cheerful enough to exploit the one corner where there is no electric fence coverage.  Fucker.  Yes, I know that's a swear.

7.  Baboo, too, has been working hard on creating our garden sanctuary.  I'll post pictures of our work for the week soon.  Here's one, of the new and old light fixtures in our hallway.  The sconce on the right is what I can only say looked to be inspired by a bordello.

6.  Tomorrow, my exciting day includes working on 2 different essays, putting new house numbers on my house, and changing out the "I wish I lived in New England"-inspired front lights for something a little more modern that is actually a security light.

5.  I also ate popcorn today.

4.  I'm also going to make a couple of simple little window hangings tomorrow.  Just so you know.

3.  I'm watching Futurama, and I'm wondering how a robot gets a pot belly.

2.  Got a FaceButt post from SW Tri Gal today, who is herself at St. George, Utah.  She said that she drove the bike course and "it's not worse than Silverman".  Yeah.  Looks like I dodged a bullet on that one.

1.  Good thing I had Hank the Handiman come over and shut down our furnace for the season.  Especially, since, you know, it's going to be windy and cold for the next three days!



  1. Good luck with Jake, and your home improvements! Happy Friday :)

  2. I like the new light fixture! Have a good weekend and remember soon Jake will be trapped by the invisible fence!

  3. Love the fixture. Dogs' annoying times (I scream obscenities with incoherent abandon quite regularly) make us really appreciate the moments when they are "good" dogs. Hang in there. The adjustment process can take awhile, you're doing good things.

    Having experienced Silverman firsthand...the term "it's not worse than" leaves A LOT of room for interpretation. That just means it has <10,000ft. of climbing & you don't necessarily finish 1,000ft higher than you started the bike course. You made the right decision for your own reasons. No one can pick a bone with that.

    Hope Baboo's knee is on the mend!

  4. Have you tried crate training Jake so that he can't escape?


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