Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 days to, well, Albuquerque.

I won't be in St. George this weekend.  Sorry.  I really hope I haven't let anyone down.

On top of everything else that's been going on, (me being untrained, the daily new expenses of things falling apart, Dogs tearing things up and escaping, my sky-high stress level), now we find that Sweet Baboo is pretty badly injured (knee).  That was pretty much the last straw.

So, vacation is here, in the Dream House, making it more of a Dream House.  We're going to have the door replaced that was kicked in this winter.  We're going to install the invisible fence for a$$hole dog.  We're going to get the sprinkler valve box that won't shut off fixed or replaced.  I'm going to install a couple of light fixtures, and some new house numbers.  Plant some peonies.
And maybe I'll even have a clean house at the end of all of this.

I will swim with Baboo.  We'll hang out at a coffee shop in the mornings.  And do rides together.

I went to my last class for the semester tonight.  I still have 3 large papers to write, but it will all be over by the weekend.  I will run at dawn.  And do Yoga. And see my house in the evening before it gets dark.

It's gonna be grrrrreat!



  1. You sound uber more relaxed sista..so glad you are taking care and nesting. IM will always be there!

  2. Of course you haven't let anyone down! Really, this sounds just like what the doctor ordered, but I am sorry to hear about SB's knee. Hope it heals well and fast!

  3. STAYcations can totally rock. Make the most of it!

  4. Sounds like a great vacation and just what you need after the hell that was your last few months.

    I really hope SB's injury is nothing serious.

    Enjoy yourselves and your dream home! good luck containing a$$hole dog. One day you will look at his graying muzzle, smile and remind him of what an a$$hole he was. :)

  5. I'm thinking you made the right choice. Enjoy your vacation and enjoy yourself and SB. St. G will be there another time . . .

  6. Sounds like a little piece of heaven in the Dream House! I hope you enjoy every minute (and that SB heals quickly)!

  7. RBR, that's a touching and very optimistic sentiment. Very.

  8. I think you absolutely made the right decision. Ever since you talked about signing up I've been worried about you. (I'm working on the decision to pull out of my planned race in 3 weeks. Just a sprint, no comparison, but it's still an emotional roller coaster.)

    Hugs, Siren


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