Monday, May 31, 2010

I ran today.

Today is a holiday, and today I ran.

I figured I should, being as I have a marathon in less than 2 weeks.  Not only do I have a marathon in less than two weeks, but I'm not prepared for it.  My longest run would be, well, let's see.  It would be the marathon I DNF'd at last weekend - I ran about 15 miles that day.

I've been kind of piddling about and not doing any long runs this spring.  But I feel like, maybe I need to get on the ball and start training.  I've been recovering from slowly, too.  My legs have felt tired and heavy ever since.

Boy, am I under-trained.  I was so tired after running.  Then I looked down at the Forerunner - oops, that's about the fastest I've done that run.

BLAH.  What's the point of running fast if it's so exhausting?

So anyway.  I ran today.  I have this new part of my run that I like to do that consists of about a 2 mile climb that rises 500 to 600 feet in elevation.  I piddled around until after sunup (mistake #1) and wore a long-sleeve shirt (mistake #2) that was black (mistake #3).  I got in about 5 and a quarter miles.  It was a nice morning.  I came home, discouraged, until I realized that I'd done this one faster than usual.  I'm posting the map and profile for herself the Elf so she'll know what she's in for on Thursday.

Or maybe not.  I think my internship class starts on Thursday.  Crap.  I need to change my Thursday night run to Thursday morning, I guess.

So anyway.  I ran today.  I was supposed to do a long run, but I didn't feel like doing a long run, so I didn't do a long run.  I won't be able to get away with that much longer.  This next weekend  I have to start doing long run training, and then long bike training starts soon after that.  I'm going to be focusing on Redman in September.

I may still play around with the Javalina 100k in October.  We'll see.

So anyway.  I ran today.  It was a nice run.  It was a hard run.  I'm ready to train now.



  1. I'm not quite sure you showing me what I'm in for is going to help you in getting me to run...LOL..but I'll say it again, I'll follow you anywhere ;)

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    i feel you - you'll get back to your lnog runs when U are ready to...being it due to schedule or cuz you're just "ready" to do so.


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