Sunday, July 24, 2005

Better than a banana.

**7 weeks until my first triathlon, a sprint called the "Cotton Country" in West Texas.
I think I may have found the perfect pre-sprint-race drink: Silk Mocha. Husband was drinking it down earlier, and out of curiosity, I checked the label. It's soymilk with coffee and some other stuff, but here's what you get when you down the carton (32ounces):Calories: 560, Fat: 14g (unsaturated), Sodium:400mg, Potassium:1000mg, Calcium: 120%RDA, Carbs: 88g, Protein: 20g, PLUS you get Vitamin A, Iron, Vit.D, Riboflavin, Folate, Vit. B12, and a bit of pre-race caffein, which doesn't hurt. (Just a warning, if you're not used to legumes, could make you gassy)
I finished "Slow Fat Triathlete" and am envious of Jayne. I can't call myself a SFT without being a copycat, even though it's true. The most original I can do is Slow Vegan Triathlete, in which I answer the never-ending question: Where do you get your protein? I was freshly inspired by her book, and went out to get my first training diary.
Tomorrow, the training starts in earnest.


  1. Oops - sorry I didn't see this one first. Good luck!

  2. Interesting choice of races - a reverse triathlon. Any reason to pick a reverse as your first one?

    Also - Immediately before a race, you're probably better off drinking a sports drink and downing a powerbar or gel (w/ caffine if you need it). Plus, unless you drink it cold, you'll risk raising your core temp w/ a hot drink. A 32oz silk mocha is probably best after the race. Might be a nice recovery drink -since it has a lot of good stuff including protein.

  3. Oh, ice cold, definitely. I like the idea of a recovery drink, but since most of my races are in west texas and southern new mexico, i'm worried it won't stay ice cold throught the race!


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