Monday, July 11, 2005

Otitis media? What am I, four?

Doubt and laziness set in. Were we, as humans, meant to work this hard? My husband really enjoyed his 12 mile run yesterday. I tolerate my little 3 mile run, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, nor would I want to run 12 miles in the hot, New Mexico sun. My spirit is sloth, and heat makes me cranky and lazy. I looked up "lazy" in google images, and Homer here was the first entry. -->
What am I doing? Am I crazy? Why am I doing this? My sunburned back is all red and itchy and sensitive, and my feet hurt, and I'm pretty sure I have an ear infection from swimming.
I uploaded pictures of my husband and son at the triathlons they've done so far. Maybe soon I'll have some of myself. They're at


  1. Yes you are crazy. I bet you get a lot of questions like "tell me again...why are you doing this?" I get a lot of strange looks when I tell co-workers all the problems/pain I expereince during training and then say "I'm having fun." Good luck on your race!

    BTW - Got you last post on my blog - feel free to link up! ( I'm putting your blog on my site as well! Thanks.

  2. Great pictures of the tri! You aren't lazy, or you wouldn't have a sunburn. You ,might have a rugburn from rolling off of the couch though... :)


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