Sunday, July 10, 2005

Karen, Where Are You?

I forgot so many things on this last triathlon that my son needed, that I've decided to make a checklist to use in the future. I'm a little ADD, and I get discombobulated from time to time. Today, we're going to take a ride up to Cochiti Lake and maybe do a lake swim. I need some open water practice. I found a new link that's kinda cool: Explore NM. It has some bugs in the website.
I've been looking at triathlon times, and I notice there is another Athena out there that is over 40. I'd like to have a chance to talk to her, but I can't find any contact information. I think I could use the advice of another Athena over 40, because I think we have concerns that 110-pound triathletes don't have. She lives in my town. I found a newsletter in which she wrote, 'where are all the Athenas?' and here I am. I contacted a New Mexico tri club by emailing them to get her a message, but received no response.
- - - - Karen, where are you?

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