Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday mornings never get me down.

I worked hard yesterday - relatively speaking - I ran along the dam at Cochiti lake. Okay, I walked most of the way, but I did some running. I'm getting better at this. I noticed for the first time perhaps that husband is getting really lean. I'm surprised at how appealing it is. I mean, he's always been appealing to me, but this is, oh, I don't know. Extra appealing, I guess. Saturday, I spent the day at a colloquium discussing personality disorders and the drama triangle, so I'm taking today off so that I have can a proper 2-day weekend, 'cause I'm spoiled that way. First, I'm going over to REI to return a Garmon Forerunner. It was supposed to link up with a heart monitor and satellites and such and give tracking and pace, but it never linked with the satellites, ever. It didn't even work out on top of Cochiti dam. So back it goes. Disappointed, husband is. You know how much it sucks when you get a new toy and get it home and it doesn't work? My guess is that all the mountains around here screw with it - it has to have clear line of site for 3 satellites, or something like that.

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