Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I enjoy being a girl.

Vanity.I'm debating whether to ride my bike to the counseling center today after my swim. It is SO HOT here right now, plus when I ride to the counseling center, I have stringy gross helmet hair. On the other hand, my car has no AC, so it's gross when I get there anyway. Last week, I bought a tiny fan that plugs into my cigarette lighter. It's kinda trashy, but thank God it's only hot 2 months out of the year here. In any case, we don't dress up at the counseling center, it's very casual, but I at least want to be presentable. Trying to figure out how to solve the "helmet hair" problem when I go back to work next month. Maybe I'll just wear it back.
I cut 8 inches off my hair last month to simplify my training, and I also gave up my artificial nails. That was the most painful thing for me to do, because I am somewhat vain. I did so love those fake nails! I can't have fake nails and highlighted, long hair and swim in a chlorinated pool. I chose the highlighted, shorter version (it was to the middle of my back, now shoulder-length). So now my hands look awful. >Sigh<>with?

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  1. hi...
    i got here from the 50 states blog project... i was born in NM (lordsburg) so i was intrigued with what you would have to say and i found i REALLY like it....(your blog....) and look forward to reading more!!!
    i too hate stringy helmet hair there fore i am ussually deterred from riding a bike to anywhere of importance!


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