Friday, July 15, 2005

Customer service is dead.

Bizarre experience. I wrote the a publisher to ask for a refund for a book I ordered 7 weeks ago. In his communication with me Joe Wysong has said that I'm lying, I have personality problems, he's going to report me to the Postmaster General - for what I have no idea. He's sad I'm allowed contact "any level of responsibility" with children, and that I would never have any choice but to go through him to get my books. I have never gotten a response from any vendor like this. It's unusual for professionals in the behavioral health field to lash out at like this, though I have seen this behavior in some of the clients that I see for psychotherapy...I spoke with fellow students of mine, who ordered the same books from Amazon. They were advised by Amazon that it was having trouble getting them from the publisher in a timely manner, so they both canceled their order. They also told me that the guy who runs the bookstore at our university had all manner of trouble with the this particular publisher, but I haven't checked that out yet. One thing I do know. It's used books from now on. I don't have to send him any more money.

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