Wednesday, January 07, 2009

18 Confessions.

1) iPod rules. There. I said it. I hate All Things Apple, but I love the iPod. Or as DP calls it, the Precious.

2) It really is all about the bike.

3) The foam roller works.

4) When you Google me, you see a couple pictures of me, but also pictures of horses. And sometimes, strippers.

5) I should have listened to my mother way, way back in 1983. And 1987. And, probably, 1994. I'm not telling why.

6) I know where there's a bag of potato chips hidden right at this moment. They are not baked.

7) My pager battery has been dead for several weeks. I know this, and I haven't replaced it.

8) I've discovered recently that I'm actually pretty nervous before endurance events. Terrified, actually. It just doesn't look that way. It looks a lot like, laziness. I'm secretly pleased when things are called on account of rain, and the more terrified I am, the lazier I look.

9) I frequently change the time on my posts to mask the fact that I clearly wrote them when I should be working or sleeping.

10) I haven't sent out Christmas cards out since 2001.

11) Britney Spears' CIRCUS was released November 28th. It was in my iTunes library November 13th.

12) The skirt I'm wearing today is a size 14.

13) I have a southern accent that is largely extinct due to my efforts, but I will use in a completely mercenary manner.

14) I can, on occasion, be quite catty.

15) Because of this article I have purchased a large mesh strainer and a USB cord. I am just that combination of geek, lazy, and cheap.

16) I will eat stuff that falls on my kitchen floor. And I have cats.

17) There are three words that I have to lookup no matter how many times my word processor tells me they are misspelled: maintenance, embarrass, and license. I used to misspell conscience all the time until I saw the movie, "As Good As It Gets."

18) I still watch SouthPark. My excuse that I teach teenagers having disappeared, the truth is, I still watch it.



  1. "Licence" is a perfectly cromulent spelling, eh wot?

  2. You are brilliant for changing the time on your posts. I have to start doing that too.

  3. I'm not an Apple fan, but I've been thinking about an iPod. And it's not like I don't have an MP3 player. Do they even make pagers anymore? I didn't know people still used them. My mom watches South Park, and she's way older than you. But in her case, she was out of the loop and talks to me about it like it's a new show.

  4. Re: #17....I commented to my (male) colleague the other day that I am an excellent speller, but there are always a few words that trip me up.

    As an example, I threw out two: commitment and vacuum.

    To which he replied, "You must be a guy."

    (I apologize if you're not at least chuckling--it was hysterical at the time).

    --Written during work hours, I'm not going to hide it.

  5. HA! you are funny.

    Can you spell diahreeia? Diahrehea? What...ever...

  6. I was nodding and saying, hmm, nothing wrong with any of these....until no. 16

  7. How do you remember these things and get them in a single list? I'm very impressed and would be just as impressed if you misspelled a word or 2.

  8. Can't spell definietly always get it wrong. I got a lab puppy that is constantly under my elbow looking for morsels that fall to the floor!

  9. At my house, everyone has a Sansa. Resistance may be futile, but, so far, no ipods.

  10. i think the fact that you still have a pager is admission enough.

    also, you might find it humorous to know that i can never remember how to spell excersize. it's always wrong, and i rewrite the sentences to use "workout" or "long run"

  11. Hi Misty,
    Just getting caught up. We were out of town. Wanting to wish you a happy new year.


    Best of everything for 2009.

  12. You are a witty woman.

    I just bought a foam roller and I HOPE IT WORKS!

  13. I work with a guy who looks like Mr. Garrison. I can't watch South Park anymore, I am afraid if I do I won't ever be able to look at him with a straight face.

  14. I have already downloaded a few of Britney's new songs on my ipod, and I sometimes catch myself watching the hills. My excuse is that I share the same birthdate as Brit and I teach college students so I need to be current with my pop culture references.

    Great blog.

  15. So does the wifi thing work?
    n I still look up the word cassette


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