Sunday, April 25, 2010

6 days, and counting.

On Sunday Baboo and I rose at 3:45, got ready, and drove up to White Rock, New Mexico.  It's northwest of Santa Fe, south of Los Alamos.  Up there, at 6300 feet above sea level, I completed the Atomic Man Duathlon.    I've done this one 3 times before.  What was different about this time was that I PRd, beating my 2009 time by 13 minutes.

I like this little race.  I've only missed it once, and I forget why that was. What always suprises me, as Karen and Sara and I were talking about in low, hushed voices this how many people complain about how hard it is.

SRSLY.  Who comes to a race in the Santa Fe national forest in northern New Mexico and complains about terrain?  So, it's challenging.  You climb.  Your lungs hurt after.

But not my legs.  I'm not sore.  It was a nice little sprint.

Just a little sprint.  But right now I feel the closest to normal that I've felt in a long time. 

Now, I would never, ever compare a little duathlon to an Ironman.  I certainly know better.  But, I was surprised by my time, and how I felt afterward.  I took a 15 minute nap.  I don't know what my endurance is like, but maybe, just maybe, I can struggle to the end, to the finish line of another Ironman.  As Cody said, maybe I can "gut check" this.  We'll see.  I'm prepared for either success or failure.  It doesn't define me.  It's just a day in the country.

Baboo and I went to the store and bought foodstuffs for the trip.  First off, I'm not sure whether I can get good espresso drinks in this part of Utah, so I bought some Hills Brothers sugar-free instant Double Mocha mix.  It kicks ass.  Also got some low-fat poptarts.  I'm sticking to stuff we can microwave in our room.

494.  1645.  Those will be the numbers we wear on race day.

Reallllly hoping this isn't as painful as I'm thinking it's going to be.



  1. I am in your corner Misty as a menopausal mother who just almost killed people at a hospital when my daughter was not being attended to..So if that talent will help you in any way compete in IMGS, I am there!!

  2. Congrats on your PR! LOL about the complainers. When I did IronStar (half-IM distance) I was shocked at how many people were cramping and dropping out on the run, complaining of the heat. Nearly everyone who signed up that year was from the area or from a similar climate, so how do you not manage to train for such conditions?

    Good thinking on taking food with you to UT. I also recommend a small cooler with hummus and/or soft cheeses (goat cheese is my personal preference) and some good crackers. Spouse and I can get all the way across West Texas on a well-stocked cooler.

  3. Great job on the PR! That is a great start to your racing season. I will be in Santa Fe soon for the Santa Fe century and I love the terrain there. It is not nearly as gnarly as Colorado!

    I hope your next race goes well. I am sending postive thoughts your way!

  4. Good lucky, Misty! I'll be rooting for you! I really hope you pull it off, because then you give me hope that an IM can be done on minimalish training. :)


  5. you both are going to do great.. and with all your running base lately, a marathon will be cake.



  6. There are a couple of drive through coffee places...not great, but OK. One on St. George Blvd and the other in a grocery store parking lot by the hospital. There is, of course, a Starbucks in the Outlet Mall...good luck! (also, you must go to Cafe Rio for the pork salad w/ cilantro lime dressing after...yummmm)


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