Sunday, October 05, 2008

11th day of no running.

Okay. So yesterday I tried AQUA-JOGGING. When I put on the Aqua-Jogger Pro I had flashbacks of my childhood in Jacksonville, Florida. My mom would strap me into an orange safety vest and my father and my sister would swim way out past the breakers and never, ever, let me come with them. I was devastated.

Now of course, my father was an adult and my sister was on the high school swim team, and I was eight and could swim just well enough not to drown....
Nevertheless. DEVASTATED.

So anyway.

The Aqua-Jogger Pro is a styrofoam thing with an elastic strap. It is about $60. Styrofoam. Elastic. $60.

That's 12 medium pumpkin spice lattes (with soy and an extra shot).

So, I strapped it around my waist, and jumped into the water with DreadPirate, my aqua-jogging tutor. It holds you up so that your feet don't touch the bottom of the pool. I have to use the pro instead of the classic because of my bootyliciousness. The Aqua-Jogger Pro is, "50% more buoyant than the Aquajogger Classic. Preferred by male athletes and "sinkers"."

The trick, in aqua-jogging, is to stay upright and resist the temptation to use your hands to move through the water faster. You sorta bicycle your legs as fast as you can. As my fastest, I was able to move 25 yards down the pool in about 1:45. It is painfully, painfully slow. Aqua-jogging is kind of like that nightmare where you're trying to get away from the monster but can't seem to run fast. I used to have nightmares like that when I was little (now they're mostly me not being able to yell, no matter how hard I try).

Once I got into my rhythm, I really liked it. I wish I had music to listen to, but there is NO WAY I'm wearing my iPod in the pool. Even if I could get it out of my locked car, which I can't. Because I've lost my keys again. But anyway. I found my stride, and I liked it. After that we did some lifting, and then, this morning, I did about an hour on the elliptical trainer, which felt great, and according to the machine, did about 4 miles on it. I was sweaty and tired and felt GRRRRREAT!

Then DP and her people and I went to brunch and I had huevos rancheros which, when made properly, are awesome. Most restaurants in New Mexico put their own spin on it; in this one I had green AND red chili, eggs over easy, black beans and potatoes, on corn tortillas, not flour.

Plus, today is also the first day I haven't had any pain in my leg at all. AT. ALL.
All in all, a great weekend.

So that's my workout routine for the next two weeks: Spin class and a short (1000 meter) swim Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Elliptical trainer followed by aqua-jogging on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tomorrow, I'll find out whether this is a stress fracture (shudder) or shin splints. I've been rubbing it over before and after my workouts with Arnica Montana and taking Arnica Montana pellets as directed. I don't actually believe in homeopathy, but what the hell. I've heard people I respect swear by it.

The worst that can happen is that I'm out about $14, right?

I will do almost anything not to miss the Palo Duro 50K on October 18th.



  1. Oh my..Aqua jogging does sound like a nightmare. I wish I had not just sold my IPOD swim holder thingy..I would have given it to you! Seems my ears will not hold the earplugs that come with it when I swim..anyway-how is Baboo?

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope you get good news tomorrow.

  3. Sorry that you are still out of commission, but sounds like you are moving towards the "mend".

    No pain is a BIG gain!

    Glad you like aqua jogging. I really did not like it when I had to do it to help recover from severely strained periforumus several years ago.

  4. Well shucks - I guess I should have read the whole blog before commenting before. Glad that is working out for you.

    I think those dreams where you are terrified but can't scream are emblematic of a feeling of impotence about something. You want to do something on your own behalf but you can't. I'm sure Jung has something to say about it.

  5. I have that "can't scream" dream. It's horrid.
    No pain = HURRAH! Good luck with the xray! How was the prom?

  6. There was a lady running on the trail yesterday that looked just like you! Miguel went up to her in typical Miguel fashion and started talking to her like they were long lost buddies. I also thought it was you but my thought was "Wow Misty is running again! Great news!" Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your leg, on the plus side if is is a stress fracture, it will come back stronger than it was before. :)

  7. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I love huevos rancheros with red and green ("Christmas")!! That's the best.

    Hey - I have that not being able to scream dream a lot. wtf?? I make this weird noise in my sleep when I'm trying to scream and Jeff and the boys say it sounds like some animal dying underwater!! Good Lord, not sure if I want to delve into this one.

    Glad you were able to aqua swim :-)

  8. I tore my plantar fascia last year so there was lots of pool running. I finally had to get a waterproof Shuffle. I was going crazy. I'll never take running for granted again!


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