Thursday, October 02, 2008

Meh. My week.

<--Bought one of these. Gonna try it out tomorrow. Maybe. Right now it's locked in my car and I can't find my keys.

Skeptical. We'll see. Upon the suggestion of a friend, when I was kvetching about how the mint was taking over my back yard, I tried my first mojito. I'm unimpressed. I think it would better without the lime, and maybe with some coconut. Maybe I'll invent my own drink: The "Nutty Athena". or something like that.

Got an ex-ray. No word on that yet.

Can't run.

PS: You may be sick of reading this from me, but it's one of my pet peeves:



  1. LOL at New-cu-lar
    So how do you pronounce 'aluminium?'
    Fingers crossed for the x-ray

  2. That is sooooo true!! That drove me nuts last night (as well aas many other things)..I was mumbling at the TV with the whole "nucular" thing..

  3. I've heard good things about the aqua jogger. Good luck with it. Can't wait to hear how it works out for you. Best wishes and a speedy recovery...

  4. Longtime reader, first-time commenter ...

    I also was skeptical of the aqua jogger ... until I broke my pinky toe (it hurt much worse than it sounds, I swear) and was unable to run on hard surfaces for a couple of weeks. After a few days of climbing the walls in my home, dying to get some training in, I decided to give "pool running" a try. And you know what? It really helped. When I got back on the road I didn't feel like I'd lost any fitness and was able to plunge back into where I was supposed to be in my marathon training. So give it a try -- I hope it works for you!

  5. Actually, it's spelled aluminum. Of course, like all us yanks, I say, uhLOOminum. :-)

  6. LOL re: New-CLEAR. I hate that crap. Or people who say, "expecially" instead of "especially". Really?
    "EX"-Specially? How about some "EX-SPRESSO EX-Specially HOT!

    Sorry, I"m climbing the walls without any exercise the last 3 weeks. I digress... Maybe I need a "nutty athena" to take the edge off.

  7. in the uk they do have an extra i in aluminium. so they're justified in the weird pronunciation.

  8. also, drinking advice from a non-drinking friend is probably flawed.


  9. HA! I am assuming you wrote that last comment sometime after the debate last night. I thought perhaps no one in the world cared but me, however one of the first things someone said to me at work today was "what is the problem with correctly pronouncing the word NU-CLE-AR?"


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