Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Ten Things I Like About My New Job.

10. I have an office, with a door that locks. It has a desk, a computer, a bookcase, a window, and a couple of chairs. I have never had an office before. The closest I had was a classroom, and 90 people trooped through there every day, throwing trash on the floor, occasionally spitting, and writing on my stuff.

9. I'm going to have my own laser printer soon. They actually apologized for not having it ready the first day.

8. There's a mariachi band every Wednesday in the lobby, next to the coffee shop.

7. Did I mention the coffee shop? They have lattes, mochas, smoothies, and pastries. It's run by vets and benefits veterans industries, so I am contributing to the greater good while indulging my coffee habit.

6. There is a medical library. Today they, like, printed stuff for me. FOR ME. Just because I asked. They didn't charge me, or take it out of my photocopy "limit," either. I don't have a photocopy limit. When I asked someone about that, she looked like me as if I'd asked about Sasquatch.

5. Any and all employee training takes place during the day, while I'm at work. They don't expect me to stay after work to do it.

4. There is a 1/4 mile track through a park in front of my building. It is shaded by very old cottonwood trees and includes some bars and benches to stretch on. It's just part of this really beautiful old campus that is mostly a collection of century old pueblo-style buildings. There is a new, modern facility for the medical center, but all old building are still in use. Behavioral health, where I work, is in the original veteran's hospital building.

3. I have my very own panic button! It's mounted under my desk and apparently if I push it, armed guards will instantly rush to my aid. Should be pretty fast, given that the VA Police are 3 doors away from my office.

2. Everyone smiles all the time and seems very happy to be there.

1. Except for the occasionally disgruntled patient being escorted down the hall by the VA Police who are 3 doors down.



  1. That sounds amazing. It's good to hear that you are so happy :-)

  2. Sounds great! I can't imagine having to worry about photocopy limits, although I understand why the schools do it, with their budgets like they are.

    The coffee shop is a great idea--indulge a guilty pleasure AND do a good deed! My university has a new coffee shop opening up this fall, run by students at the hotel college. I think I'll prefer to go there than to one of the campus Starbucks, although it still won't be as good as my money going to a charitable group. Oh well. We take what we can get.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful change of pace!

  4. Misty-that sounds fantastic-You are being treated like a real professional (very sad commentary that our teachers are so poorly treated though)..You deserve it!

  5. Sounds Great!! Be sure to drink lots of coffee, you can just vibrate around that track :)

  6. great list- add the shoes.

  7. COOL!

    I especially like numbers 4 and 7!

  8. That all sounds fantastic - except the panic button. I'm sure I would accidentally bump it about three times a day and be the girl who cried wolf. Congratulations on your fantastic new work environment!

  9. I am so glad you love it, I think I would love it all....(except the panic button.) Not so much. So what's up now...off-season or more races.

  10. That sounds PERFECT. That one about everyone smiling and being happy to be there makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  11. BTW I am now addicted to cutest bl0g on the bl0ck backgrounds. Thanks!

  12. BTW I am now addicted to cutest bl0g on the bl0ck backgrounds. Thanks!


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