Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next Iron Distance Race (I'm pretty sure).

Beach 2 Battleship Triathlon, Wilmington, NC, 2009.

  • They have a half iron distance at the same time, which is spouse/friend/beginner friendly for those not ready to do a full.
  • It's FLAT. The bike starts at an atitude of 7 feet above sea level, and tops out around 38 feet, I think.
  • The swim is in salt water, in a protected inlet. It's a downhill swim, too: the tide will be pushing the swimmers on the point-to-point. Beach start.
  • Did I say it was flat? It is. Not perfectly, but I don't be climbing any big-assed hills like I did at Kentucky and Idaho.
  • Cheaper than an MDOT race.
  • Water temperature will be 68-72 degrees. Wetsuit legal, but not f-f-f-f-freezing.
  • Did I say it was flat?
  • I've never been to North Carolina, and this counts as another marathon for the 50 states club. Woohoo!
  • No passport required.
  • Might get to meet some of my peeps from the EAST COAST SAY-EEEEED!

CONS: Help me out here, cause I can't think of any.


I ran today. Trail run, about 6 miles. Lots of huffing and puffing from 7000 to 7800 feet and it was glorious and fabulous and I'm going to take it easy and only do trail running but I'M BACK, BABY, AND I'M LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

1 week to the Palo Duro 50K...



  1. Oooh nice! No can do for '09 as I've got my year all figured out but I will set that one aside for a future year. You know you're my total inspiration to attempt an IM, right?

  2. Looks like you also don't have to show up nearly a week in advance to get your race packet and then hang around participating in sponsored events and being a money-maker for local hotels and restaurants.

  3. hmmm..... my daughter and son in law live in Durham. hmmmmm......
    a definite maybe.

    Glad the trail run went well for you - hooray for dirt!

  4. The only con I can think of is jellyfish or whatever those stinging things in the ocean are. I wonder if they hang out year round.
    So, are you running the 50K this weekend?

  5. Hmm, I might think about the half.... have to finally meet you after all these years blogging!!

  6. Yep-we are in for that one. Looks awesome! I used Jellyfish Repellant Sunscreen when I did IMFL so no problem on the jellyfish front..
    Glad you are able to run again.

    No cons that I can see!
    It will be a blast..
    PS Love the new blog design..

  7. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Glad you had a good trail run!! :-)

  8. Really? I'm thinking of doing the IM distance as well. What a blast it would be!

  9. I want to join you in North Carolina... I hear it is beautiful!

    Sounds like a great race!


  10. did I say join you?? in North Carolina... not ready YET for a full!


  11. I hope to join you there and do my first one!! My friend and I are going to volunteeer in 3 weeks an look at the course. Would love to see you there next year!!

  12. I'll be doing the inaugural B2B half in less than 3 weeks! Should be a GREAT race! This year both the half and the full sold out in less than 3 days, so register early on day 1.

  13. Do it! I'll be there, providing the foot isn't being absurd. NC is a bit backwards in their thinking but it is pretty out there. AND all the jelly fish will be long gone by the time the race rolls around:)

  14. North Carolina is BEAUTIFUL. But depending on when this race is held, its likely it will be very warm.

  15. C'mon out this way. Wilmington is 2.5 hours east of me. I am looking into doing the half next year. I just worry about the cut-offs


  16. I've heard great things about this race from lots of people. (As it's practically local, I've been in prime listening position. :D) Hope you come out this way!

  17. I am there volunteering and I am so in for my first iron!!!


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