Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Misty is....twiddling her thumbs, on her soapbox.

I was going to post my comments about the debate and a funny picture about candidates and elections but, ah, screw it. Enough already. I changed my post and I apologize for anyone who already commented. It basically said that I don't feel that either of the candidates are in touch with their constituants who are most in need. Capital gains tax? I bet I have one client who knows what that is. Many of my friends know what it is, but I don't think "cutting" the capital gains tax is going to change their standard of living. And please, how can a person NOT KNOW HOW MANY HOUSES THEY HAVE???

But anyway. Here's something way scarier than elections and debates: GINORMOUS SPIDERS!! GAA!

It has now been ONE MONTH since I provided all my information to my new employer so that they could conduct a background investigation on me. Seriously, how long does it take to investigate an ex-school teacher who has lived and worked in the same small suburb since 2000s? The investigation is supposed to go back 5 years.

Your tax dollars at work. Now you know that you've been well protected from the likes of me. Don't you feel safer now?

I'm just not good at not working. My parents were older than all my friend's parents--I was definitely an afterthought--and my father lived through the depression. I've been well-installed with his work ethic. Even being in college made me feelt guilty. Other than when I was in college, or a year I took to be a stay-at-home mom for my 3 kids, I've worked full time my entire adult life. As a senior in high school, I went to school in the morning, tool a couple college classes at night, and worked 30 hours a week.

I feel like big fat useless dead weight right now and meanwhile, the combination of not working and being injured and the onset of the colder season has been disastrous. I'm built to save up energy stores for winter, and I've stored about, oh, 10 pounds of energy in the past 2 months.

I know you might have trouble mustering up some sympathy for me not working, but it's not like I'm being paid to sit here while this background investigation is going on. None of the local people I listed as references have even been contacted.

I'm getting pretty pisssed off, and closer to saying, Screw this, screw your job, this is bullshit.



  1. Bingo. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that the majority of those who find themselves in the position of running for office have ever been exposed to the lives of those who truly struggle in this country. We've had 8 years of a leader entirely out of touch. My hope is that the last 8 aren't repeated for another 4.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Not working is frustrating. Maybe you can find something super productive to do that will make you feel better? Cleaned everything already? Ooh! work on your blog! Oft times, that makes me feel more productive than doing my real job :-)

  3. Hang in there - depending on who's doing the background check, you may just be stuck in a backlog. I'd suggest calling to check on the status if you think it won't annoy them. I did that and they finally figured out they'd lost my fingerprints and we had to take them again (and I'd already gone through investigations before!).

  4. I hate it that every blog I read now is posting about politics, but oh well. As far as the injury and the background check. The injury sucks and waiting for the background check is worse. I hate being stuck in limbo. And the spider....make it go away...I am seriously arachnophobic. Yucky.

  5. You could always volunteer at a local would make the day whoosh by and you could feel "productive" and "useful".....

    It's why I went back to work.
    Added structure and meaning to my day/life.

  6. My suggestion is to send a nice picture of yourself to this cycling website (no helmet or glasses allowed) and they will send you some free socks.

    Pls pass along to your readership!

  7. You can comment on the politics all you want...I am just ready for elections to be over. It is your blog. I hope you get over the injury soon. I am still fighting the neck injury.

  8. I volunteered as lunch lady with a bunch of other ladies at school - it was a BLAST. We didn't get hairnets, but we passed out food for a few hours and got to see the entire pre-k through 12 come through the line!


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