Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Slow, slow triathlete

Yesterday I swam 400 meters. I may have swum (swam?) more but I lost count. Today I ran 3 miles, and then biked to the counseling center (10 miles) and then back home later. I'm on my way. However, as I've mentioned previously, I've just finished reading "Slow Fat Triathlete" and I've discovered that while I'm no longer fat (although I'm still officially "overweight") I am indeed quite slowwww. I enjoyed my ride alone the Rio Grande. It was mostly flat, but there was wind in face. I won't tell my times, because they're humiliating. I did shave 30 seconds per mile off my running, though. I was looking up some stuff because my knees were a little achy when I ran, in the exact same way, on the outsides on both sides. I did some extra stretching before and after, and they didn't hurt at all this time.
My goal for this first triathlon is not only to finish, but not to be dead last. I was reading the other day that Sally Edwards sometimes volunteers to be the last woman in some triathlons so that no woman has to be last. That's awesome. I wonder if she'll be at my first triathlon? Probably not. Soooo that means keep movin' GeekGrl.

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  1. Sounds like you won't be last. Trust me, if you work hard,it will pay off. I had the same fear of finishing last for my first triathlon. I finished 147 out of 200 (my swim time was 67th out of 200). Just finishing a race is way more than most normal people could do. I figure when you're starting out, anything else is just gravy. Good luck!


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