Friday, July 29, 2005

Weekly results.

Here's a cool link. At My Virtual Model you can type in info and get an approximate rendering of yourself. Then you can virtually try on clothes at Speedo, Sears, and others. Of course, my model (right) isn't as lumpy or jiggly as I am in real life, but I have an interesting sense of why I should never, ever wear tops with big squares of color on them.

Today was a running/walking day. For some reason I don't run as well on Fridays as well as I do on, say, on Wedesdays. I'm still following the "couch-to-5k program" from I'm doing more running than walking now. I have to say that I'm really starting to enjoy running. I feel kind of Wonderwoman-ish. My ratio of run:walk minutes is increasing, too. I feel really good after I run. Sort of like someone's taken a big bottle brush and cleaned out my lungs.

I'm still using the swim plan in to book, "The Woman Triathlete". It's getting easier. I'm able to complete 50 meters doing the crawl without stopping, whereas even last week I had to stop, flip over on my back, and do the backstroke to finish 50 meters. I'm able to keep my head down and breath every so often instead of every other stroke. When I first started, I could barely do 25 meters without stopping to rest.

Daily training goals for next week:
Every day:
Decrease time for 8 mile bike.
I'm moving up gradually on the bike, because there's so many hills here.

swim 500m (swim continuously for 75 meters, 20 sec. RI)

Run/walk 3 mi. Increase ratio of minutes run to minutes walk.
Fingers crossed!

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