Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa came early, and he looks like an elephant.

I just have to share my excitement over my new Christmas present: A zojurushi Neuro Fuzzy 10-cup rice cooker.

It is the CADILLAC of rice cookers. It has 10 different settings for 10 different types of rice, all digital, and uses "fuzzy logic" to create just the right cooking environment. VERY high tech.
Plus, it's cute. It's a cute happy bug sitting on my counter top, and now I can make brown rice whenever I want, 10 cups at a time and then frozen to suit my convenience. There's few things that give me greater pleasure than properly cooked brown rice.

What's that you say? Making rice is as easy as boiling water? Problem is, I'm not much good at waiting for things to
I get bored, and find something to do while things cook....then the smoke alarm goes off...

AND I can make my own sushi rolls again.
Vegetarian, of course. I don't put parasite infested raw anything in there. I'm happy enough to have my rolls with avocado, carrots, cucumbers, whatever strikes my fancy. Then dip it in lovely soy sauce and there you have it, lots of complex carbs and lovely sodium. Voila, the perfect pre-worktout meal.

Okay, I know you're probably not as excited about this as I am. But I'm excited, just the same.



  1. Ooooooo... We have one of these and it's our favorite kitchen appliance, hands down. It makes super fluffy white basmati rice that makes the whole house smell like popcorn and even brown rice, which I could never cook properly on the stove top or in pressure cooker, comes out perfect every time. You're going to love it!!!

  2. I have just an ordinary cheap rice cooker and I wonder how I ever lived without one. Yours sounds fabulous, and I know you're going get a lot of great meals out of it!

  3. Ours ranks neck to neck favorite applicance with the kitchenaid mixer. You are going to love this! Only thing - it is so easy to use and the rice stays perfect for hours in it - you won't need to freeze any.

  4. Now that is an awesome gadget.

    When my kids were much younger, they answered the phone once when my boss called me at home, because I was busy "cooking." When my boss heard the smoke detector going off as she spoke to my son, she asked if he needed to go help mommy. His reply? "No, that just means dinner's done."
    It's been 10 years and the girls at work still give me crap about my cooking.

  5. I love rice!!! And love my rice pot. It one of the only things I am allowed to use in the kitchen. I don't think I could use the fancy schmancy one you just got, mine is the simple add water, add rice, depress button.

    But Im jealous

  6. We eat a lot of rice too...and I burn a lot of rice...maybe I "need" one of these.
    Parasite infected raw fish? Gee, thanks, we are going for sushi tonite....(salmon and yellowtail are always on our plates...maybe not tonite...yeesh!)

  7. Rice makers are great!!! I've had my standard rice maker for about 20 years! Can't live without it!

    Congratulations :)

  8. Junior High School reading level? That's interesting, wonder if my kids read about "parasite infested raw" food? :)

  9. That is the BEST rice cooker ever! (I'm asian, and to just confirm the rascist stereotypes, I do know my ricecookers) You can also make awesome oatmeal in it.It also has cool pink buttons. No your not crazy for getting so excited about this. It's on my wish list. Alas, I do not have one of these, but my sister got one as a wedding gift.

  10. That is an awesome rice reason for shortage of carbs!! haha@!!@


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