Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rules: I am to tell 5 unusual things about myself. To be honest,
I've been waiting for my turn at this, >sniff<>

Also, coming up with five things I haven't already revealed, in no particular order....lesseeee.......

1. I'm really annoyed by people who don't stay to the right. I don't mean just in road racing, I mean on sidewalks, hallways, whatever...were these people NOT in ever in elementary school? I've been known in the not so distant past to deliberately walk smack into people and then feign a look of astonishment, and say, "Oh! I didn't expect you to be there. You know, on the wrong side of the sidewalk and all."

2. I am an extremely messy person. It's beyond clutter. I hope that doesn't crush all the neatnicks out there who have been fantasizing about me.

3. You know those tec-dec things that kids are playing with? The miniature skateboards? I hate them. I hate them with the white hot, violent, passionate intensity of a thousand suns. When I hear the noise they make when kids play with them, I want to crush them under my heal. Seriously, when did manipulating a miniature skateboard with your fingers become a skill?

4. I am a serious fan of pop culture. Pop icon drama, psychopathology and just plain bad behavior is my absolute fav. Britney is my very favorite trainwreck. I can't wait to see what she does next. I check the news for her every day.

5. Sweet Baboo told me when we were courtin' that I have pretty feet. (he'd already gotten lucky, so there's no other reason for it other than it must be true)

And one more for luck...

6. As little as three years ago, I declared that I would *never* get a tattoo, because, well, that's just *tacky*.

I don't know how long this particular tag has gone on, so I'll take a shot and tag Skoshi, ShyTriGirl, CrazyJane, Jenny, and BikingBrady



  1. Messy? You?? Say it ain't sooo! **sniff**

    Stay tuned...

  2. What in the world do they do with those tiny skateboards? It can't be great so I can see how it would be annoying.

  3. Never mind - You Tube is my friend so I get it now. Truth be told, Tech Deck seems preferable to Grand Theft Auto but I can see how those things would be annoying.

  4. Nope. Never even heard of Tech Deck. (I lead a sheltered, but also cluttered life.)

  5. I hear ya on #1, esp. on those walking airport walkways. Come on, people, I've got a plane to catch!!

  6. Oops, I didn't type that, did I? I meant MOVING airport walkways.

  7. Britney is a wonderful work in progress!

    Thanks for playing along!!

  8. As a high school teacher, if I ever learn the identity of the man that invented those tiny skateboards he best run for his very life.

  9. my favorite "to the right" thing to do is to pass some jack-off in the "fast" lane doing 60 in a 70, get in front of them and slow waaaaaay down, until they go to the right to try and pass me, and then speed away...ah, but it's been years since I've actually done it.

  10. Amen to the messy! I am so messy that my 20-something year-old, single, bachelor brother thinks my place is gross.


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