Sunday, December 16, 2007

Koo-koo for Special K.

It's real.

Oh. My. Gawd.

So of course, I bought a box. I like special K cereal anyway, so this is an added bonus. This morning, I was pouring it, and Baboo asked casually, "whatcha got there? So what flavor is that one?" and I responded, "chocolate."

That got his attention.

I like to think its slightly better for me than coco-puffs and chocolate rice crispy things. Nevertheless, I'm koo-koo for it. In a bowl, with vanilla soy milk, it feels, somehow, more grown-up.


It makes a couple specialists cranky, though. Like this guy, and this guy.

What do you think?


  1. We so love it here. It's a great little snack. Much better than a lot of other options.

  2. Woo, haven't tried it, but now I'll have to! Gotta keep up with Geekgrrrrl!

    But that word "chocolatey" gives me the willies....

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    oh, yeah, I like those! My waistline isn't getting smaller though because I like to eat a whole box in one sitting.

  4. Whatever works for you. I love my oatmeal.

  5. Love it, very good. the little hunks o choclate tend to sink to the bottom though.
    I still love my Special K Red Berries the most.

  6. I LOVE the little chucks sinking to the bottom. They're like dessert.

  7. I think anything that satisfies your chocolate urge with fewer calories is good stuff - as long as you don't pull a "Cindy"

    My personal fave is Yoplait chocolate yogurt which is full of HFCS but is yummy and has a lot less fat than, say, a hot fudge sundae.

  8. I tried some and thought the chocolate was really waxy....bleah.
    Give me a good Godiva bar any day instead of mixing it with cereal!
    I am with Al- Oatmeal is the best pre-workout fuel (with bananas!)

  9. I actually prefer cereals that taste like the box they come in; All Bran, oatmeal, etc.

    I've got a Dove dark chocolate stash at work. One piece a day gets the craving satisfied and it's a minute all to myself of indulgence.

  10. You have such cool food over there

  11. hahahahahaaaaaa one piece a day!!

    If I had a Dove Bar that piece had better be as big as my head if it's going to satisfy my cravings.

    And congrats on kicking my ass ONCE AGAIN!! You rock!

  12. Count Chocula...I haven't had it since I was 11, but that chocolatie, crunchy, marshmallowy goodness...ggghhhhhh...Anyway, I'll never have it again. Why ruin a childhood memory.


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